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Blog Tour & Review!!! Heartbeats-- Sarah O'Rourke!!!



Heartbeats BY Sarah O'Rourke


He’ll fight her every step of the way. She’s fighting because there is no other way to keep him alive.

Alpha FBI agent Matteo Cassano gives the orders. He is not accustomed at all to following them. The control-freak legend of the FBI could have any woman he wants, and often had in the past. But when he meets the amazing, younger Brenna Langley, he might have finally found the woman that could change his entire life.

Brenna Langley is professional, focused, and determined to move ahead in her career at the FBI.  Having tried a few failed relationships, she had decided that romance would not be in the cards for her. That was, until Matt Cassano enters her orbit and she finds herself on a secret, covert mission to save the great man from himself. 

But what happens when these two determined personalities clash and the change is more than either one of them bargained for? And when Matt’s health becomes an issue, can the fledgling relationship survive?

STANDALONE. HEA. Romantica erotica.



Brushing a lingering kiss to the center of her now exposed porcelain skin, he lifted his eyes to hers and smiled wolfishly.  “I was just wondering if this couch is gonna provide enough room for me,” he replied as her ran two fingers down the center of her chest until they reached the clasp of her bra.

Her voice caught in her throat at his touch, and it was an effort to even get one word out. "Room to what, exactly?" she asked as her own fingers continued to release the buttons on his shirt. Feeling his lips moving against the fabric of her plain, serviceable lace bra, Bren finally freed that last button on his shirt, her sense of victory easily swallowed up in the sensations he was causing in her body. Burying her hands in the soft springy curls on his chest, she pushed the offending shirt off of his shoulders, her desire to see him too much to ignore.  “Whatcha think you’re gonna do here, Cassano?”

Catching her eyes with his, Matteo grinned against her pale flesh.  “Sweetheart, there’s no thinking to it.  I’ve imagined what I want to do to you a thousand times in a thousand different ways.  I know that I’m about to make those fantasies a reality.  I’m on the verge of devouring this beautiful body of yours.  I’m just curious as to where you’d rather serve me that meal.  Here or in a nice comfortable bed?  I’m good either place,” he returned huskily a scant moment before his teeth captured her nipple through the material of her bra.  Growling against her skin, he suddenly offered a great prayer of thanks to the brilliant genius who first imagined the possibilities of a bra with a front closing snap as his fingers quickly flicked open the clasp.

In one fell swoop, Bren felt her bra leave her body, the insubstantial material flying through the air.  If she wasn't mistaken,  she heard it land somewhere on the linoleum in the kitchen, and at some point later on she needed to remember to congratulate him on the distance he’d achieved. At this exact moment, however, that was the last thought on her mind as his wonderfully warm mouth suddenly found her waiting breast, engulfing it quickly in the fiery heat of his mouth.


Well, the crazies have done it yet again!! Matteo and Bren are yet another stunning example of why this amazing writing duo is one of my top three faves in the writing world!! These ladies absolutely know how to tell a story!!

And man what a story Matteo and Bren have to tell. These two, who we find out are already pretty linked together not just professionally, but emotionally, start off with a bang. It's a bit unlike some of Sarah's other stories, in that these two are colleagues, ones who have wanted each other from afar for quite a while, but for some reason have put off acting on those feelings. Their history is laid out for us pretty much from the get go, so there isn't a lot of back story here- it's pretty much an in the moment kind of book. Which, I for one, enjoy. Sometimes, reliving a lot of history is tedious and boring, and takes away from the focus of the present story that we have in front of us.

I was a bit worried about how they started off- given that their was an air of deceit from each of them going in. Even though it was with the best of intentions at heart, honesty should have been front and center on both their parts. However, I can certainly see why each acted and reacted the way that they did with the news that was presented to them. Good thing we had Mama Cassano to keep them both straight!! God bless that woman!! 

Now, on to the good and steamy... These two- OMG, talk about explosive. Let's just say that for a man of Matteo's age- he can move. And he does it well. Age, and health, have most certainly not slowed that man down. At all. Not in the least. The man is a beast in bed. And I freaking loved it. What was even better? Bren could not only handle it, but craved it. Wanted him just the way he was. Beautiful.

I've said it before, and I will say it again, I am SO happy that I discovered these ladies so many months ago when I read an excerpt for one of their books, and sent them a message- begging them to let me review them! Honestly, I did. I was hooked on their words from the start. That's how amazing they were. So, if you are looking for some wonderful stories to take you away to the land of romance and erotica- pick up some Sarah O'Rourkes now!!! Worth every penny!!!!



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Sarah O'Rourke is the alter ego of two best friends who bonded over their passion for romantic fiction and erotica. Born and raised in the southern United States, one lives near Louisville, Kentucky, while the other resides in Atlanta, Georgia.  Formerly an accountant and a chemist, they are now overworked, stay-at-home moms who adore their children, their husbands...and writing about love in every way possible.

Inspired by their dog-eared copies of Gone with the Wind and their almost warped DVDs of Steel Magnolias, they love to write wildly intense romantic/erotica stories that have multiple characters, but they focus on one couple that will ALWAYS have a happy ending…eventually!


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