Saturday, August 22, 2015

Review!!! Overtime-- Toni Aleo!!!

So, after getting a glimpse of Jordie Thomas in Night Shift, an anthology released earlier this year, I knew that I had to have more of the filthy mouthed, bearded hockey star!! Even though in Night Shift, he was nursing his heartache over his recent breakup with his one true love, Kacey King, Overtime focuses on their journey back to each other, and Jordie's road to personal redemption.
It's been quite awhile since I had read about such a tortured hero, one that was drowning under the weight of his own personal demons. And yes, I say drowning, because Jordie was slowly sinking, and killing himself with alcohol- the only way that he knew to cope with his pain. Both internal and external, his pain was extreme.
Not only was he trying to recover from his recent injury, that had taken him out of the sport he loved, but he was also the victim of a horrific past. A past, that for most, would have been impossible to overcome. I seriously think my heart cracked when I found out what had happened to Jordie as a child, and to see that the one person in the world who should have protected him, not only didn't- but eventually resented him because of it. I wanted to personally take that person out myself. Anything to relieve a small piece of the hurt that he had been dealt.
So, that's probably why I loved Kacey. Even when I wanted to smack the crap out of her for all of the times that she continued to throw his past back in his face, I also knew that she was the one piece of happiness and love that Jordie had ever held. She was the one ray of light in the darkness that had been his life. I hated the pain that she had been through after their breakup, and sympathized for the loss she experienced, but I still felt as though she placed a bit too much of that blame on Jordie's shoulders. He, after all, is only a mortal man, and had no idea the ramification of his actions at the time. He only did what he thought was best, given his mentality at that moment.
This story is truly one of love and pain, and shows that two people can overcome some of the greatest of obstacles, if they have faith in each other, and the love that they share. I highly recommend it, not only for folks to get the conclusion to their story, but because it's just a great book. Well done, Toni, well done!!

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