Monday, May 4, 2015

Review!!! Desolation-- Bella Jewel

I honestly cannot think of a better way for Bella to have ended the Joker's Wrath series, than with Tyke and Pippa's story. It very well may have been my favorite one of the entire series- it was just that good. From the very first time we met Tyke, way back in Ash and Krypt's book, I wanted him to get his HEA. I saw this beautiful, broken man- and I needed him to redeem his piece of happiness in life.
I felt like so much had been stripped away from him, due to his accident, that I wanted him to reclaim the life he once had- only that it be better than before. So, when Pippa came along, this beautifully broken down woman, who had suffered so very much in her life- I know that she was the answer to Tyke having his better life. I could just tell that from their first meeting, when Tyke helped to rescue her from the hell that she was forced into, that he immediately saw his kindred spirit. Actually, I think they both felt it, even if they couldn't admit it right then.
So, it only made sense that Tyke be the one person who was the catalyst for Pippa's recovery- and vice versa. They not only healed each other, but healed themselves- for each other. It was awe inspiring. To see these two shattered lives, slowly being pieced back together, it makes your heart sigh.
Their story isn't easy- actually, none in this series are. But, they are all, oh so worth it, with Desolation being the cherry on that cupcake. This book.... I cannot give it enough stars, but I'll settle for 5, only because it's my top rating. I'm so sad to see these guys go, but am thrilled that this is how they went out.


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