Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saddles and Sin-- Jessi Evans

Jessi did it again- this time with Bubba's story. Yeah, you remember Bubba- the sweet cowboy that is one of Mia's best friends, and has the singing voice that all the ladies swoon for? Well, he finally gets his own HEA in book 2 of the Lonesome Point series.

Bubba is just starting out with his singing career- going to gigs around the Austin area, trying to get his name out there and find someone willing to take a chance on him. All this with the help of his new manager, Marisol. A manager which he happens to be immensely attracted to, and finding that there is absolutely nothing that he can do about it. He knows that he can't push things with Marisol, for fear that he could lose the best thing to happen to his newly found music career.

Marisol, finding herself in much the same boat- has been celibate for the past 2 years, after experiencing an horrific relationship with her ex, and being the victim of the cruelest betrayal ever. However, she cannot help the pull she fells to Bubba, the way that he makes her feel something for the first time in years- even if it scares the crap out of her. So, she decides to use the professional excuse in order to curb her desires, and hope that with time, the heat between them will fizzle out.

But, when Bubba is called home unexpectedly to help deal with problems at the family ranch, Marisol decides to tag along, thinking it will be the perfect opportunity for them to get some much needed work done on the song they are co-writing. Little does she know, their time together will quickly turn into the best days of her life, and when they finally both give in to what they have been denying themselves for too long- it's explosive. He knew that sweet ole Bubba was such a dirty talker?  ;)

Much like Mia, Marisol finds out the hard way that you cannot always run away from your past- and hers definitely catches up to her with a vengeance. My heart broke for Mari when I found out what she was running from- I wanted to find her ex and beat him to death. What a waste of a human life!!

But, Mari and Bubba (thank goodness), worked hard for their love, and finally get their HEA. It was a great story, and much like book 1- receives 4.5 stars from me!!

Now, bring on Tulsi and Pike- that one is gonna be amazing too- I just know it!!


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