Sunday, September 7, 2014

Resist Me-- Chelle Bliss!!!

Yes, I know that James Caldo isn't a Gallo man. Do I care?? Nope. Not even a little bit. That man is freaking hot!! Far and away, my new fave in the Gallo clan- even if he doesn't share the name. And this is huge- given how much I love me some City. But James, my oh my. There are no words......
I'm afraid James makes City look like a kitten. Pure and true alpha, right down to his bones- especially in bed. Wow. Just wow. Izzy most definitely met her match in this one. Chelle- babe, you could not have done better. Simply phenomenal.
Most of you know that I have been a die hard Chelle fan since the beginning, and she only makes me fall harder in lady love with her every time she puts out a new book!! I just wanna give her a big ole hug!! This is someone that you know has poured herself into her work and into the characters that she writes. She makes you feel every emotion that they feel, which with Izzy and James- was a whole lotta frustration, lol.
You're going to read Resist Me, and you're going to want to throttle (see what I did there??) Izzy for being so stupid and pig headed sometimes. It's like she is sometimes her own worst enemy- almost too blind to see the damn good man that is standing in front of her. James decides early on that Izzy is it for him- and he is definitely a man that knows what he wants, and will stop at nothing to have it. So, to see him continue to stand up to the female equivalent to himself, and win- priceless. I love that Izzy finally gets a taste of her own medicine!! Just awesome.
Now, that's not to say that James doesn't take care to appreciate that Izzy is submissive to his nature at times, because he is. He treats her so beautifully, it makes you wonder how someone as dominant as him can do it. But he does, and in turn- we get to see Izzy drop her walls and let him in. Finally let herself grab onto some happiness. It's a huge leap for her- but one that works out beautifully.
I can't recommend this book more- it's my fave of Chelle's so far, although, she makes me fall harder with every one that I read. So, I know she will outdo herself with Thomas's story next. But for now- Izzy and James are going to be my #1's, as they get a blinding 5 stars from this junkie!!!


I’d already raised my voice, but I couldn’t fucking help it. The woman was maddening. “I’m exactly what you need and want. You’re too fucking scared to admit it.”

She shook her head as she crawled out of bed and started to dress. “You’re not all that.”

“When you grow the fuck up, call me,” I said as I stalked toward her.

“You’re a total dick,” she hissed, moving to slap me.

I grabbed her wrist, pulling her to my body. Gripping her hair in my fist, I gave it a slight tug as I hovered over her lips. She gasped, holding my shoulders.

“You know you want me,” I growled, my lips a breath away from hers. “I wrecked you for any other man. I own your ass, Izzy. I’ll let you run, but you can’t resist me forever.”
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