Monday, August 12, 2013

The Edge of Never-- J.A. Redmerski

Oh good lord, this book completely shredded me, I most definitely have to start with that!! But damn, it was amazing!! It definitely is one of those rip out your guts and your heart at the same time kinda books- then slowly, and very excruciatingly puts it back inside and jumbles around the pieces before it finally finishes the puzzle. Yeah, that's about right. What an emotional ride. This one brought out the tears for sure, which hasn't happened since Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder. Now all that being said- buy this damn book!! You have to- you just must.
Camryn meets Andrew one day while on a cross country Greyhound bus trip to find herself, and whatever it is in life that makes her happy. They meet and have an instant spark, even though they bristle up against one another just as much as they get along. The banter with these two is simply classic. I loved it! So, after Andrew rescues her from a rather dangerous situation, she latches herself to his side in order to help him with some deeply personal and tragic circumstances going on in his life. They quickly become the other's rock, in life, in friendship and importantly, in love.
They decide to take another adventure, this time just the two of them, in route to Texas (where Andrew now lives, Cam is from North Carolina), as Cam is sure that this is where her happiness lies. She takes a huge leap of faith with Andrew and sets out on a life changing journey, never expecting to find the purpose of her life (music), and also, the love of her life in Andrew. The book also shows how the two of them learn to grow together and finally lean on someone else in their life after years of shutting others out.
Now, there was a point in the book where I just simply lost it-- I mean, the ugly cry. Yeah girls, you all know what that is. The hiccoughing sobs that wrack your body, snot up your nose and make your head pound like a high school marching band has taken up residence there. It was that bad. I don't want to say what prompted this because, it is one of those things that you HAVE to experience, you have to be taken by surprise, you have to feel that loss, you have to have aforementioned guts and heart ripped out in order to truly appreciate it. It is just so heartbreaking. And I really believed that was the end. I can't tell what happens after, as it really does give away too much, except to say that there is a second book coming soon. The Edge of Always. I cannot wait to read it, I need to finish out this story in my head and in my heart. It is simply beautiful. Please don't hesitate- get this book. You will not be disappointed.
5 stars all the way!!

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