Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rock Chick Revolution-- Kristen Ashley

What can I say, except that Kit has absolutely done it again!!! Love, love and even more love Ally and Ren's story...... even though it is the final book of the Rock Chick series, which yeah-- makes me so very sad!! Even though I discovered Kristen through Motorcycle Man, I quickly followed up that series with the Rock Chicks, and I gotta say- they are like members of my family. That is how much I feel like I am in touch and a part of those gals and guys lives, which totally makes it suck that it is the end of the line for them. But, I haven't had to despair too much since there have been some characters to show up in her Chaos series-- Yay!!!
So, as mentioned before, this is Ally and Ren's long awaited story. And damn what a story it is- fanfreakingtastic!! So glad to finally see Ally get her happy ending- even though it was with the one person that so many of us KA fans would have never expected it to be with. But, knowing now that it is Ren, I could not have picked anyone better for Ally to have to love her- and fuck does that man love her. He knows it so soon after they get together, and he does everything he can to get her to realize it, all the while also trying to get her to realize that she loves him too. And wow what a feat that was, because did I mention how damn stubborn that girl is?? We all thought Indy was bad, but she ain't got shit on Ally!! Probably explains why they are besties for life- sisters from separate wombs. I did freak out a bit in the beginning when I thought that they weren't gonna make it after she finally confronted him about his "unconscious ramblings" and didn't even give him the chance to defend himself before storming off....... Luckily our hot headed Italian bad ass alpha male didn't take her shit and demanded that she shut her damn mouth and hear him out. Ren's bad ass-ness just makes him all the more hot, and damn, he was already smoking. I love that he is demanding with her about her sharing her life and dreams with him, that he doesn't let her shy away from telling him exactly what she needs and wants out of their life together. It made me love him all the more. Because even though he originally hated the thought of her following the dream career that she wanted, he decided that her happiness and the love that he had for her was more important. The fact that these two were able to actually communicate, as in Ally wasn't afraid to open her big ass mouth, I think was the magic factor in what makes them work. And Kristen Ashley portrayed all of that beautifully.
I love that we got to see so much more of Darius too, and a deeper look into his pain and his life- both past and present. And, I especially love that we got so much of all of our other favorites too- all the Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch, still together and happy- and in love. I adore that Tex got his happy ending, because let's be serious- who of us doesn't love Tex??? And most importantly, I love that we got to see into the future of the gang, and that we found out that there is more to come- just at a different angle......  ;)
So, KA-- you hit it out of the ballpark lady!! You further cemented the fact that you are, without a doubt, my absolute favorite author of all time. I cannot sing your praises enough girl- and I can't wait for all the goodies that you still have up your sleeve!!!!!
5 of the biggest stars in the sky for this one!!!!!

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