Monday, August 12, 2013

Real-- Katy Evans

There is simply nothing, and I do mean nothing, more sexy than a man with a star tatted somewhere on his lovely body. And to have that particular ink just above the promise land. Jesus H Christ......... I could have never even read this book and would have given it 5 stars just based on the damn cover!!However, I did read it (actually read it MONTHS ago, and am just now getting to the review, lol)--- I read it and I fell in love!! Remy. Remy. Remy. I feel like I should be screaming his name rather than typing it since that is what this book did- it made me want to scream out in pleasure several times. This one is a scorcher. Wooooo. So good.
Remy, a tatted up prized fighter, is competing one night when in walks Brooke, a naïve young thing that he simply cannot resist. He wants this girl, with every fiber of his being, so much so that he simply walks out of the ring to chase after her when she runs. Now, why in the hell would she run you ask? Because she knows. She knows how her body reacts to just the sight of him alone, how her heart hammers when he looks at her, and how intensely she knows he wants her in return. She knows. So, she does what she knows best and takes off like a bat outta hell from the ring, only to be stopped and confronted by Remy, because he is not about to let what he knows is going to be the best thing to ever happen to him, walk away. He just can't. So, in order to be sure that she remains by his side, he makes her an offer she cannot refuse- to be his personal physical sports "therapist"....... you know, because he needs all of those aches and kinks worked out each night ;)
Luckily, she accepts, even though she does it with the pretense in her head that she is going to keep it professional, not hanky panky. She isn't going to let Remy get into her pants, and most definitely not into her heart. Silly girl, she outta know- this boy fights for a living. Now, why in the hell would she think that he wouldn't fight his way into her life too?? And boy does he ever...... Like I said before, so damn good. I am so very happy to see that there are more books coming out in this series, even though I hate that we have to wait until November to get the next one, I am good. It is well worth the wait- I promise you that. You guys have to meet Remy, you are truly gonna love him!!
5 big old huge stars!!

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