Monday, August 12, 2013

Louder than Love-- Jessica Topper

Now, there really is nothing better than a rock star romance, well maybe unless it is a tattoo artist, or a biker, or some other form of hot said romance....... Sigh...... Anywho. Even though I had never before come across anything from this author, I am so very glad that I did. This one is a bit different from the other rocker novels that I have read though, not that it's a bad thing by any means, just not what I was expecting. This one didn't have quite the amount of graphic sex that I was used to- not that it wasn't steamy in its own right- did I mention the bathroom wall sex?? ;)
So, we meet in this book, Katrina, aka Tree, aka Kat (but only to Adrian)- and her hero, Adrian. Kat has lived quite the tragic life in her thirty two years, having met her husband, given birth to their daughter, and then losing him to a tragic and untimely death just before the baby's first birthday. Grief stricken, she moves back to her hometown and in with her parents, who she lovingly refers to as "snowbirds", as in they fly south to Florida for the winter. Given that they are getting older, they decide to relocate there permanently and gift Kat their house, ensuring that she and Abbey (her now 4 1/2 year old daughter) have a permanent and stable home. During this time, her daughter discovers a cartoon on PBS and falls in love, constantly going around the house singing the theme song. So Kat, being the librarian that she is, does some research and tracks down the singer of said song to book him for a personal appearance to a function at the library. Enter Adrian, the sexy British songster that she instantly falls for, even though she is pissed because he shows up drunk, to a children's function. Yep, this man has some issues of his own too. However, he immediately tells her how beautiful she is and decides that she is something he definitely wants. She falls for him even harder when she sees how good he is with children, her daughter in particular- he is already wrapped around Abbey's pinky finger upon the first meet. It really is too sweet, even though it goes back to deal with his own daughter that he was never there for. Did I mention that he used to be a rock god?? Oh, I left that out?? Yeah, well I don't want to get into it, because it has to do with one of the little twists and turns of the story, and you really do need to read it yourself to understand why he does what he does.
These two have to overcome some big demons from Adrian's past, because let's face it, the boy is pretty damaged himself- all the while, overcoming the ghost of Kat's deceased husband, whom Adrian feels as though he is competing against. It is quite heart wrenching at times, but it makes it all very worth it in the end. Even though the story does have an HEA, I really felt like there could have been just a bit more to it, or possibly an epilogue so that we can see where they finally ended up. Just my wishful thinking I suppose. Perhaps one day in the future, Ms. Topper will give us a little something extra ;)  Ah, one can hope..........
4 stars  (Release date-- Sept 17, 2013)

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