Sunday, August 4, 2013

Get Bent (Hard Rock Roots)-- C.M. Stunich

Finally, I get some damn answers!!! I love the fact that some of my worst fears about what I thought had happened, actually didn't. But I still hated that some of the things that happened even happened at all. I have to say that this book is more concentrated on the mystery of the "who did it" than the relationship between Naomi and Turner. That being said, there is still plenty of heat and steam going on, and we still get lots of the back and forth between them that we had in Real Ugly, so never fear there. Turner still loves her, even more than before, since he thought he had lost her. And he still tries his best to show her that she feels the same, much to her anger- she still tells him regularly that she hates him, lol. She really refuses to let herself fall in love with him again, until one steamy and sweet session between them when she realized that things have changed with them. That he has changed- that he really does love her. It was hard to see her struggle through her feelings, mainly because I saw him redeem himself from his mistake from years past, and he really tried with everything he had in him to show her that she was it for him. He wants to marry her, have babies with her, and just grow old with her. 
The entire time that Turner is trying to get Naomi to come around, they are working with a couple of other band members to figure out who is doing these terrible things to them. They kind of turn into Sherlock Holmes and Watson!! It was pretty nice having some substance to the story, and not just hot sex all of the time, lol. As they get closer to figuring out what is going on, things get stranger for the group, and the threats to everyone's safety get even higher. Some of the people that they never thought that they could trust end up being the ones that they have to rely on to piece things together.
Finally, near the end of the book- Naomi admits to Turner that she loves him, but it takes an act of Mother Nature, and the threat that they may die to get her to do it. It drove me crazy that it took that long for her to say it, but I was so glad that she did, because he needed to know. And she needed to admit it to herself. So, I love that she finally did!!
This book, being the second in the series, also left off on a cliffhanger, but nothing like the first one did. Some things were still left up in the air, and several questions were left unanswered. Unfortunately for me, the third book isn't yet released, so I will have to wait to see how the story continues in the next novel. But, that isn't enough to take away how much I loved this one  :)
5 stars all the way!!

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