Sunday, August 4, 2013

Eyes Wide Open (The Blackstone Affair Trilogy)-- Raine Miller

Book 3-- the conclusion to Brynn and Ethan's story, and maybe the best one yet. Now we know where their future is headed, they can finally be happy with the news they were given in book two. If only they can find out who is still threatening Brynn. And Brynn really suffers in this book- I felt for her so deeply. She loses someone that means so very much to her, at the absolute worst time imaginable. I hated that part of the book- simply hated it, and wished so hard that I could rewrite the whole damn thing myself and take it out. That is how much it devastated me, mainly because it devastated her, and this girl has already been through hell and back again. But, through it all, Ethan is there- right by her side, never falling down for a second. How can you not love this man?? He is freaking amazing!! I just wish that he would let Brynn in a little more, into the dark horrors of his past so that she could show him that she can love him and be there for him as much as he is for her. But, I do understand why he wants to keep her separate from that- it ties into how much he loves her really. He never wants to taint her with anything ugly, even though she constantly assures him that she isn't delicate and fragile like he would like to think. Just another way that he protects her. However, one dark night for him does threaten her life when he pushes her away, which leads to leaving an opening for the threat from Brynn's past to make their move and take her. This is the only time that we see Ethan feel totally helpless, and I have to rave on Raine Miller's skills of writing the scenes here- we truly see the desperation that he is going through, you can almost feel it.
I have to say that even though I had figured out earlier on who the threat to Brynn was, I was extremely surprised by it- so Kudos again Raine for making it unbelievable that it could be that person!! Never fear though, the series does have an HEA, and it is a wonderful one. The only thing that I would have liked to see is some sort of epilogue so that we would know what the "peach" was. I kind of feel cheated on that a bit, lol. But I still loved this series and would definitely read it again anytime!!
5 stars!!!!!!!!!!

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