Sunday, August 4, 2013

All In (The Blackstone Affair Trilogy)-- Raine Miller

Book 2 in the series, and just as wonderful as the first. It picks up immediately where book one left off, right after Brynn discovered a truth about Ethan and left him. Left him after his first declaration of his love for her, and she doubted that he meant it. Like I said- it broke my heart, because I so wanted these two to make it.
When Brynn left, she told Ethan to NEVER contact her again, to which he decides to create a different definition to never, clever little thing that he is. So, he does give her some time to have her space, as above all else- the man loves and respects her. And then, he does something beautiful- he writes her a love letter, a true love letter. Swoon!! He is sure to let her know that he meant every word of his declaration of love for her, and that he will not stop protecting her or fighting for their relationship. How fantastic is that!! I fell for him all over again....... And apparently, Brynn did as well, because as soon as a potential threat comes across to her- she reaches out to Ethan, the one person that feels safe and protected with. And he comes running, quite literally.
This book focuses on the continuation of Ethan trying to determine who the threat to Brynn actually is, since there are several possibilities. She continues to do the nude modeling, much to Ethan's dismay, since he is quite protective of her and doesn't feel as though anyone else should see her bits and pieces other than him, lol. Their relationship continues to grow and develop, evolving into a "new life" for both of them. Yeah, she freaks out, but finally comes to terms with things and realizes that it is what she always wanted. Ethan makes the ultimate show of his love for her by coming up with a plan for their future to ensure their happiness and her safety. It is a great continuation of their story and a great lead in to book three, Eyes Wide Open.
5 stars!!!

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