Sunday, August 11, 2013

Against the Ropes-- Sarah Castille

Max, oh my Max....... Simply yum!! This man is amazing, and not afraid to show it- at all. When Makayla finds herself suddenly thrust into the job of an assistant in Redemption, an underground mixed martial arts club, she comes face to face with Max, aka Torment- the larger than life owner of said club. And the most sexy man that she has ever seen. She is instantly drawn to him, and likewise, him to her. Upon discovering her usefulness as a trained EMT- he decides to hire her to become the new medical attendant for the club since he is not able to hire a normal physician due to it being an unsanctioned establishment. Due to some extenuating circumstances on her part, and the fact that Max is willing to pay her whatever she desires, she reluctantly accepts and suddenly becomes one of the family at the club. Now, I know you are wondering why she would be so reluctant to accept considering that she and Max are crazy about each other and all that, but there is one little detail that I forgot to mention- this chick abhors violence..... Yep, can't even begin to stomach it- so much that it makes her physically sick to see it. Something to do with some of the demons of her past. But, she overlooks it all, just so that she can be with Max. These two really have a great and pure love, even though it is also a tortured one as well. They deal with a lot of crap in their quest for happiness, whether it be jealous ex girlfriends, over zealous debt collectors, pushy male admirers, banned former fighters from the club, and even themselves- they overcome it all. This story is one that is a standalone, no cliff hanger- and most importantly, the wonderful HEA. I really loved it and look forward to more from this author.
4.5 stars!!   (Release date-- September 3, 2013)

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