Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New Release & Review!!! His Obsession-- Roxie Brock!!!

Marcus and Nadine.... this one is about as taboo as you can get- stepdad and stepdaughter. Wow. Talk about a touchy subject. Oh yes. But, I think Roxie Brock handles it as well as an author possibly could. 
This isn't the kind of subject matter that everyone is going to like- honestly, the man has raised this girl from a little girl, to now- a young woman. While he hasn't seemed to have had any inappropriate thoughts about her as a child- now as an adult- she seems to have changed in his eyes. She is all he thinks of, all he wants. So, what does any man do that wants, lives, and breathes a woman? He makes her his.
This one is super short, super dirty, and again- SUPER taboo- so be warn d of that. But all in all, a great read- and a wonderful book for the HIS Collection.
4 stars!!

She is the only thing he’s ever wanted, and the one thing he can’t have.

But one hot night, everything changes. For both of them.

Roxie Brock is a California girl who lives in Texas. She looks sweet, but she’s actually very naughty. She has a background in social work and now trains therapy horses. His Obsession is her debut story. You can find her on Facebook, and stay in touch

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