Friday, May 12, 2017

Blog Tour & Review!!! Misbehaved-- Charleigh Rose!!!

Title: Misbehaved
Author: Charleigh Rose
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2017

Author Ella Fox - “Hands down one of the best student/teacher books I've ever read. Remi & Pierce delighted me from beginning to end.”
SmutReaders - “Charleigh Rose delivered a story with plot, romance, and taboo deliciousness.”
Between the Bookends - “This was seriously one of the best student/teacher books I have read.”


Normally, I am all about a taboo romance, even a student teacher one. However, this one seemed to fall a little flat for me- and that had to do with Remi only. I found that I couldn't connect with her, no matter how hard I tried, and believe me- I tried hard. I have devoured everything that Charleigh Rose has unleashed so far, so I wanted so bad to love Remington, but I just found her to be too immature and annoying for my taste. 
I felt as though she, not so much strung Pierce along for the ride, but held him by the short and curlies the entire book. He was literally a slave to her actions and feelings- it was like his entire world revolved around how she felt or acted towards him that day- and that just straight up pissed me off. Where was the man's backbone? I mean, I get it- he loved the girl. But enough was enough. She never took the initiative to stand up to her father, her quasi-brother/stalker/wanna-be boyfriend- so why should he have fought so hard on her behalf?? 
I just found myself unable to reconcile my feelings with the events that led to their relationship. Remington was basically an opportunist- she played both sides of the field, and took advantage of whomever suited her best interests at the time, and I cannot like a heroine that does that.
So, she pretty much ruined things for me. Pierce wasn't too much better, given that he cowered to her at every turn, and never seemed to stand up for what was best for him and his life- he just threw it all away for a spoiled little girl that only cared about herself. So, for those reasons, I had to give this one only 3.5 stars, and I hate that- because Charleigh Rose deserves SO much more. So, I'm hoping that whatever they put out next shoots me right back up to what I know they are deserving of!!

Remington Stringer has never been like most girls. She’s outspoken, brazen and wants nothing more than to escape the Nevadan hell hole that she calls home. 
On the brink of eighteen, with a deceased mother and a well-meaning, yet absent father, she is forced to fend for herself. The only person she’s ever had to depend on is her borderline obsessive stepbrother, Ryan. But, what used to be her anchor is quickly becoming a loose cannon. 
When Remi gets the opportunity to attend the best private school in the state during her senior year of high school, she jumps at the chance. Then she meets Mr. James. Ornery, aloof, and totally irresistible. 
Most girls would swoon in secrecy. 
Most girls would doodle his name with hearts in their notebook.
But Remi Stringer has never been like most girls.


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