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New Release & Review!!! Wallflowers (Three of a Kind)-- CP Smith




“Romance and poetry, ivy, lichens, and wallflowers, need ruin to make them grow.” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne 
They say money is the root of all evil, but sometimes, evil lurks in the most unlikely places. 
Calla Lily Armstrong spent her whole life shielding her heart. Now she's ready to break down her walls and see what's hiding on the other side. With the help of her new friends, Poppy Gentry and Sienna Miller, the three band together to find their happily ever after. One Wallflower at a time. Former Atlanta Homicide Detective, 
Devin Hawthorne, moved to Savannah for a change of pace and a fresh start as a Private Investigator. He finds it right under his nose in the form of a Southern beauty who drives him to distraction, and deadly secrets that threaten her very life. 
Rated mature for language and sexual content.

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There is an absolutely good reason that CP is one of my top 3 favorites, and that reason is reflected in books like this. In what could very well be one of her best works yet- she has undoubtedly poured her heart and soul into every word of Wallflowers, and it absolutely shows. 
This book, there are almost no words for how it made me feel. I craved every single word like a drug. I soaked them all up, in one sitting. I could not put my Kindle down once I had started. Of course, every time I pick up one of her books, it's like that for me. The woman is a goddess. And I gladly worship at her altar.
Devin and Calla, these two are like no other. I know that if you have read other CP books, you know how her couples are, but these two- they are special. Perhaps it's the pain that Calla has endured in her life that makes me feel so strongly for her, but she immediately found a place in my heart, and I knew that I would never forget her story. The things she had lived with, the guilt that had been forced upon her- it broke me. To know someone so good and pure, and see them broken down by someone who actually seemed to take joy in doing so? It sickened me.
As for Devin, the man should be sainted. He protected Calla like her own personal guard. Worth dying for. He said it himself, along with other things he would do for her. But that one stuck with me. I knew that at any moment, he would have gladly lain down and given his life- just to know that she could have remained happy and free. Now that is a man that I wanted to read about. But, those are CP Smith's men. All of them.
There aren't enough stars available for me to rate this book, but I will settle for the 5 available, but I promise you- it deserves so many more. It is brilliant, and if you have any thoughts whether or not to pick it up- banish them. The book is worth every penny. 


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CP Smith lives in Oklahoma with her husband and five children. She loves football, reading, and card games. Writing for her is about escape. She writes what she loves to read, and leaves the rest to those with better imaginations.

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