Monday, June 22, 2015

Review!!! Ride Stead-- Kristen Ashley!!!!

Now, seriously, you guys know that I could easily wax poetic about KA all damn day- so, I'm going to try and keep my fan girl gushing to a minimum with this review. That said- it doesn't mean that I'll be any less loving and forthcoming about how totally freaking awesome this book is!!!!! I mean, come on- it's Joker's book!! Joker- Carson Steele. The man who earned his road name, because he NEVER smiled. You had to know that when he found his love, his perfect ending- that it was gonna be EPIC. And, it definitely was. 

Kristen spared no emotion when it came to Joker and Carissa. This book will give you all of the feels, plus more. I mean, there's just no other way to say that. You oughta know though, if you've ever picked up a KA book, that you are going to go through the ringer. You're going to laugh, cry, scream, cuss, and probably hit something or someone before you get to the end. That's why the books are so good- because you are made to feel it all. Every. Single. Thing.

Trust me, with Joker and Carissa- there is a whole lot to feel too. Joker's history is well and truly going to break your damn heart. Just straight up. The things that he endured, as a child no less, from his piece of crap dad- are simply deplorable. You're going to want to breathe fire for him. But, at the same time- you're going to know that he is a better man, because he rose above it all to become the person that he is now. Carissa's history, while not quite so ugly, is no less sad. While she doesn't suffer the same way that Joker does- she most definitely suffers, a lot. 

Thankfully, the men of Chaos are there for both of them, as well as several of our favorites from series past. Lots of page time occurs with the Dream Men and the Hot Bunch (yippee), so you've got lots to look forward to with this one!! This is definitely one of KA's best, and one not to be missed (not that you should ever miss a KA book). So, do NOT delay and get Ride Steady now, babies!!!! 


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