Monday, June 8, 2015

Review!!! The Consequence of Loving Colton-- Rachel Van Dyken!!!!

Well, I gotta say- this just might be the funniest book of Rachel's that I've ever read!! And that's saying alot, after having experienced Grandma Nadine in The Bet series!! But this one--- oh my god- totally and utterly HILARIOUS!!!! I think I laughed on just about every page, and even had tears of laughter streaming down my face on most.
I can't say that the hilarity is due to any one character, because no- it isn't. They are all a huge part of the fiasco that is this story. What should be a weekend wedding for Milo's brother Jason, who is the best friend of Milo's life long crush- Colton, is anything but. After throwing in Milo's best friend Max, his brother Reid, Milo and Jason's parents, Jason's psycho fiance, and most certainly- Grams- it's the perfect recipe for a humorous disaster.
I loved every inch of this book- just every single nuance and page. I hated when I got to the end- I immediately needed more of this gang of rag tags. So, to see that Max is getting a book (and soon)- I'm pretty sure I shouted with glee. Did I scare the dog? Maybe. Hey, don't judge me. You'll see what I mean once you dive into this wonderful book- I can guarantee that. Pick it up now, especially since it's on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited (yeah, if you're a member- that means you read it for FREE), but even if you have to pay for it- it's worth it. EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.

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