Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Year-- L. Mertz!!!

Well, L. Mertz just continues to amaze me- what else can I say? Brayden and Annie's story is so sweet, yet hot at the same time. This young couple, both who having overcome tragic circumstances in life, finally get a second chance when they are set up on a blind date. Now, where most stories would fall apart after that initial date- because let's face it, blind dates are the worst, theirs only blossomed. They continued to keep in touch, when a terrible occurrence in Annie's professional life forces them to become even closer. It really is a boy meets girl kind of story, with the addition of a rambunctious four year old, and a meddlesome, yet loving mother. This one is a novella, so of course, their story is fast paced- but still spans a one year time period. You go through it all with them, the good and the bad. There are going to be times that you shake your head in frustration at Brayden (after all, he is a man), and times when you want to push Annie to be bolder and shake some sense into him. But all in all, it's a fantastic story of second chance love, and new beginnings. 4 stars to L. Mertz on this great one!!

Title: New Year a Novella
Author: L. Mertz
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 13, 2015
Braydon's life ended and began the night he lost his wife. He is now a single father to a baby boy. After a few years of mourning the loss of his wife, his mother has stepped in and set Braydon up on a blind date.
Annie is a woman full of life and is ready to give away her heart after years of healing. Her sole focus was her career and not thinking of the night she lost her fiancé.
Every year is a new start.
A new beginning.
Will these two people come together and find love or will secrets keep them apart?

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