Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Barefoot in Pearls--- Roxanne St. Claire

Well, this was my first Roxanne St. Claire book, but I'm not sure that it will be my last!! It was pretty good. I typically lean more toward just straight out romance, not romantic suspense, but this one was a very pleasant surprise. It was very well written, and had a rather interesting storyline. It follows Ari (Arielle) and Luke, who happen to stumble upon each other one day by chance, however Ari feels as though it was actually fate that brought them together. Luke, just so happens to be the brother of Ari's best friend (and business partner), and the man that she believes is her "One". The story follows them throughout their search for answers regarding some land that Ari believes to be ancient Indian burial grounds in Florida. Land, that is due to have a new house built on it, that Luke just so happens to be the new contractor of. So, while Luke is trying to do everything he can to make his client happy and do his job, Ari is doing everything she can to stop it!! Needless to say the humor and sexual tension in this one is through the roof. I loved their banter, and the way that they tried to truly understand each other- without driving the other completely insane.
There was also that suspense element involved, as they had to figure out who might be sabotaging both of their goals. It had all of the good ingridients of a suspense- murder and mystery, with a good ole dose of "whodunit".
I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and would highly recommend it to other readers!! 4 stars!!

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