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Destry-- Lola Stark

Title: Destry (Rough & Hard #1)
Author: Lola Stark
Released: March 24, 2014

Rancher Destry Reeves is your typical country boy; he believes in hard work and the easy life. None of which he recognises in Amelia Highsmith.

When a chance encounter involving a cow, a truck and a dark Texan night puts the two on a collision course, it's not long before the fireworks begin and the simple life is turned upside down.

The last thing Amelia expects is for a brute of a cowboy to get in the way of her new life. She's left behind a world of high class dinners and city lights in an effort to escape a life she never wanted. Amelia finds herself in a world so far removed from home that it becomes impossible to break free without finding herself first.

Drawn together by an inexplicable attraction, Destry and Amelia must decide if such an unlikely pairing can ever survive.


Oh, woe is me....... not because I didn't love this book (trust me, I so did), but that it is over!!!! Why, oh why, did it have to end???? I am in love with Destry now!!!! I haven't craved more from a book in a long time, but with this one- I wanted so much more.
Not to say that the story wasn't completely finished, it was. I just wanted it to continue on- let's say....... forever. So, obviously, I am already jonesing for the next book in the series---- come on and write Lola, write!!!!


“‘Melia.” A light kiss on my shoulder had me stepping from complete sleep to eyes closed not wanting to wake up. I loved when I had these types of dreams. Destry touching me, his soft gentle lips touching my skin. “‘Melia, darlin’. Time to wake up.” His voice sounded so real, but then it always did. I snuggled deeper into the blankets and sighed. Only when I moved my hands to grab the pillow I always tucked up against me, did I realize I wasn’t dreaming. I slowly cracked an eye and was greeted with a glorious naked—from the waist up—Destry. His hair ruffled from sleep.
“Mmmm.” Best non-dream ever,” I quietly mumbled, smiling to myself. That earned me a chuckle and another soft kiss this time to my forehead.
“Time to get up, sleeping beauty.” He moved to his knees and I noticed his jeans weren’t buttoned. The happy trail that I’d taken my time following the night before caught my eyes, and I all but eye raped his toned stomach.
“Commando in the morning might be the best thing in the world.” I yawned, stretching out my sore muscles. We’d cuddled under the stars all night making good use of the food I’d packed, and eventually fell asleep in the back of the truck. “Cum gutters are pretty high up there too,” I smiled sleepily.
“Cum gutters?” he asked with a short laugh, handing me my clothes he’d obviously gathered up at some point.
“Mhmm.” I ran the tip of my finger along the clearly defined V muscles that ran from the top of his hips and disappeared into his jeans. “Cum gutters.” Tapping the skin there, I slowly sat up, watching him shake his head and smirk.

Amelia and Destry are awesome together, regardless of the rocky start they have. The fact that she infuriates him, but yet he cannot seem to get enough of her- love it.
The way that Melia is with his entire family-- love that even more. They really do kind of just adopt her and make her one of their own. It's like she was just always there. I love the way that regardless of how Destry messed up, and refused to acknowledge her, the rest of the family stayed by her side. They didn't toss her away the way her own blood did, which of course, made me sick. Who does that kind of thing? The things that they asked of Melia?? Talk about whacked in the head.......

There were times that I wanted to throttle Destry for being a pig headed idiot. There were times that I wanted to slap the shit out of him for refusing to let Melia tell him the full story. But most of all, I just wanted to jump that sexy cowboy's bones!! Melia is one lucky little lady is all I have to say. And I was thrilled that they got their HEA after all that they had to go through- they were one book couple who truly deserved it.

Now, as for Brax-- I was thrilled to see that my suspicions about him were correct! I was so hoping that was going to be his secret- so I am excited to have his story unfold. That is one that I will be counting down the days for!! This is by far going to be one of my favorite series, I can already tell. :)

5 stars for this sexy cowboy!!!!!

Lola Stark lives in Australia, Is an at home mummy with no filter raising a hoard of minions and a husband who sometimes appears not to have grown up. Lola has loved to read for as long as she can remember. When not wrangling the family she can be found sitting at her computer , writing, facebooking or just generally messing around.



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