Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cover Reveal!!!! Born Wrong-- C.M. Stunich

Can I even begin to tell you how excited I am to see this book's cover??? Because you know what that means? Yeah, all too soon we are gonna have it in our little hands!!! And I for one, cannot freaking wait!! I adore this entire series- and am so excited to read Dax's story.


Dax McCann is as cold as ice.
I'm intrigued by him.
But I can't get close to him either.
His music strokes my soul, butchers my broken heart.
I wish he'd see me, but he only sees her.  It's been so long since 
I've had to care that I'm not sure I can do it anymore.  Now, tell me, 
why is there a gun to my head?

& & &

Sydney Charell is ... interesting.
I want to touch her, kiss her, posses her.
But I don't understand her.
She dances on poles and can't carry a tune to save her life.
I feel like an outsider on the in, but I have too many secrets to 
hide.  Naomi Knox has my heart, but I think I might need it back.  I 
want a chance to use it before it breaks.  Or splatters.  Blood will 
be spilled; I just hope it isn't mine.

Now, how beautiful is that cover???? There is one thing that absolutely sets C.M.'s covers apart from any other that I have seen-- the fact that they are so vibrant and colorful. It's like living art-- I have never seen covers so gorgeous!! And yes, I am a bit biased as I do love the tattoos, but regardless- they are divine.
So, if you haven't started the series yet-- get a move on!! Here is the series order:
Real Ugly (Book 1)
Get Bent (Book 2)
Tough Luck (Book 3)
Bad Day (Book 4)
Born Wrong (Book 5)- soon to be released
All others are already out and available!!!! 
Here are some links for C.M. Stunich:


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