Saturday, January 25, 2014

Unraveled-- Jen Frederick

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to get the invite to be a part of this blog tour!! As a fan of the first two books in Jen's Woodlands Series, Undeclared and Unspoken (both 5 star reads), I was thrilled to see Unraveled be released!! Because after all, we can never get enough of those yummy Woodlands men, can we??? Even though this book is the story of Sam and Gray (not technically a Woodlands man), it is none the less wonderful, and has plenty of everything that we have come to love from Jen about this series. And of course, we get plenty of page time with Noah, Bo, Grace, AM and all of the other memorable characters that we have seen from the first two books. 
Gray, a Marine buddy of Noah and Bo, comes to the Woodlands while on an extended leave for some good ole R&R- all the while trying to figure out if he wants to re-enlist the Corp or not. He figures there is no better place to straighten out his head than with his two closest guys. Little did he realize, the Woodlands would be the place where his head gotten even more messier, lol. There, he meets Samantha (Sam), a young widow of an Army soldier, who is still stuck in her stages of grief- not moving on with her life either. Their paths collide one night while at the bar that Sam works, and it is explosive!! These two-- I'm talking instant chemistry. All of a sudden, the girl who has lived inside of herself for two years since the death of her husband, suddenly starts to feel. And fall. Head over heels for this Marine that she just met. Luckily, Gray feels the same, and falls just as quickly. Even though they both try to deny it, there is nothing that they can do to stay away from each other, and before they realize it-- they are in love.

So freaking awesome!! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these books?????

But, of course, outside factors rear their ugly heads, and tear them apart- and one of those factors- I swear- you are going to want to hunt down and bludgeon to death. And at times, you are going to want to shake them both, and yell at them to try harder to fix it and make it work- because you just know that it has to work. It has to. These two are perfect for each other, and you cannot stand to see either of them hurt anymore than they already have in the past. Luckily, just like the old adage goes- love conquers all. And it certainly does for Sam and Gray-- making certain that these two get their WELL deserved HEA. 

I cannot wait to see what Jen has in store for us next, or I guess I should say who-- maybe Finn?? Or how about Adam- there is most definitely stories with both of these men!! Only time will tell, although I hope that time is short- to say the least!!  ;)
5 stars all the way!!!!!!

Buy this book!!!!!


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