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Kayden: The Past-- Chelle Bliss

Well damn, if I didn't love Kayden Michaels before now- I sure as shit love him now!!!! After being lucky enough to get a Beta copy of Kayden, I fell even more in love with this awesome yet beautifully flawed man. His story is so full of pain and angst- and it makes me even happier that he found his redemption with Sophia in the end. If you haven't read Book 1- Untangle Me- do it now!! Even though this is 0.5- you kinda need to get the story of Kayden and Sophia first I think, just so that you know who some of the previous bitches in his life are. Between Danielle (his ex wife) and the psycho bitch Lisa- I cannot believe that this poor man even wanted to love again!! But bless his heart, he did- and it led him to beauty and pure love. 
I am not going to say that Kayden's story was all sunshine and rainbows, because it damn sure wasn't. This boy lived hard- and played that much harder. And we hear about it ALL. Chelle doesn't hold back- which makes it so much better of a story. 

Short Excerpt ~ Explicit:

“Hey, where ya going?” she asked. “What about me?”

“I’m sure someone here would be happy to give you what you want. I got what I was looking for, babe.”

“You had me suck your cock and you’re just going to fucking leave me here?” she asked glaring at me with hatred so pure I could almost feel the fist she wanted to hit me with.

“I got what I came for. You were a total bitch to me for years; you don’t deserve what I’d give, how good I’d fuck you,” I said with my arms crossed against my chest.

“You’re a total cocksucker, Kayden,” she said poking me in the chest with each word to drive the point home.

“No, that would be you, babe,” I said with a smile, “Oh, and by the way, you have a little on your chin,” I said pointing at her face chuckling softly at the situation. I watched as she wiped her chin and I turned and walked away, leaving her there like she deserved.

This is one great author we have in our midst folks- know that for a fact!! I highly recommend Untangle Me and Kayden: The Past- both have received 5 stars from me!!

To sweeten the pit even further, Untangle Me is also currently on sale for 0.99!!! So, what are you waiting for??

Furthermore, because Chelle is freakishly awesome, she has a nice little giveaway going as well :)

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I have been a teacher for over ten years, and needed a creative outlet for all my naughty thoughts. I received abachelors degree in History and a Masters in Education, which led me to becoming a high school history teacher. 

I love to read, I can devour a book a day, when given the chance or having the time. I can't pick one favorite book, there are just too many that come to mind. I do have favorite authors though. My top five authors are: Colleen Hoover, S.C. Stephens, Tarryn Fisher, CJ Roberts, andKele Moon. I agonized over the top five. There are so many fantastic Indie authors that help feed my quest for the next best story.

Writing has been a journey unlike; filled with anguish, love, fear, and creativity. I'm excited for the next step and to share Kayden and Sophia.



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Twitter: @chellebliss1

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