Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tough Luck-- C.M. Stunich

Why oh why do I always forget how much C.M. loves a good cliffhanger???? You really think that after reading so many of her fab books that I would remember such important details!! But alas, yet again-- I suffered the shock and awe of such an amazing story.....................
So, this is Ronnie's story- you all remember Ronnie, right?? Yeah, thought so. Because really, who could forget such a sad and tormented soul?

“You look like you're about to pass out.  Take a breather, will ya?” I tell him, wishing he'd give me some sign of life in those dead eyes.  They're dark and swimming with negativity.  I can tell he's not living in the here and now.  He's somewhere else altogether.  My job is supposed to be to keep him there, force him down into the depths of pain and let him impale himself on his own tragedy.  Instead, I get the urge to pull him back.

        Before I can stop myself, I'm spinning around in front of him and bumping the toes of my shoes against his, clutching his shirt in two grasping hands and pressing our mouths together.  I'm not shy with my tongue, forcing it between his lips and tasting all of that melancholy and anguish.  At first it's like kissing a fireplace hearth, all old ash and extinguished flames, but just as I'm about to pull away, I see a spark.  It's small at first, burning deep within him, taking over his lips and scorching me with brilliant heat.

        Ronnie's hands come up and find my ass.  He doesn't start off with small talk either.  He goes straight for the gold, grabbing and caressing my flesh with greedy hands.  Careful, Lola, or you might get burned.  I push up against him, struggling to stay on my tiptoes so our faces can stay somewhat even.  I kind of want to climb his ass like Godzilla on top of the Empire State Building, just get all up in there and find my perch.  Ronnie responds to my scrambling by lifting me up by the cheeks and slamming my back into the metal pole of a street sign.

        “Oi, watch yourself, fuck face,” I growl out, but the small ache in my spine is nothing compared to the raging burn that's coming up from below.  What the hell are you playing at, bitch?  This is not what you're supposed to be doing.  I hear my logical self screaming at me from the back of my mind, but I don't pay it any never mind.  What I am supposed to do anyway?  A forest fire's just caught in a dry bush.  I could put it out, but it'd take a lot of effort.  It's easier just to let it burn.

So, yeah- Ronnie and Lola- these two have it. That awesome thing that instantly connects them the same way it did with Naomi and Turner. Only we weren't expecting it for Ronnie, given that he is still grieving his lost love- Asuka, still ten years after her death. I love that we got to finally get the background that surrounds Ronnie, finally hear what actually happened to Asuka, and finally got to see just how much of a man whore Ronnie really was. And all this time I thought that Turner was bad?? Lol........
Now, I know that some peeps were whining a bit because this book didn't focus on Naomi and Turner, but never fear- we do get a healthy dose of them- they just aren't the primary subjects of this book. Which I for one, think is RIGHTEOUS!!! Given the tidbits that we got about Ronnie in Real Ugly and Get Bent- I was dying to get some more of him, and adding Lola Saints to the mix- freaking awesome. She really is the Australian version of Naomi- so yeah, these boys are gonna have their hands full. While I was sick with worry about Lola's original part in the whole Indecency/ Amatory Riot debacle, I was so glad to see her redeem herself in the end and take her place by Ronnie's side where she belongs. Maybe Amatory Riot needs a new member???? Wishful thinking on my part I know, but I cannot imagine that Ice and Glass is going to last when all of the cards fall.........
Speaking of those falling cards- I am now DYING to get my hands on Bad Day (the next in the series), so I am sending C.M. silent psychic signals to please release it soon!! Even though it is to go back to Naomi and Turner- it is the continuation of the suspense story that has plagued all of these guys- and given the ending of Tough Luck---- I need it like yesterday!! I don't wanna give away of the deets on the ending of this book- just to say that it is explosive and will instantly make you scream and salivate for Bad Day......... Trust me on that.

5 big ole stars all the way!!!!!!

Now, if you have been holding out for some ungodly reason and haven't already started this amazing series, get your ass on the ball and do it. These books are awesome, and C.M. is an amazing author. I haven't read anything of hers so far that I haven't immediately LOVED! Girl is literary gold!!! So, get to crackin'-- take your ass over to your favorite retailer and pick up Touch Luck today, and if you haven't already- pick up Real Ugly and Get Bent first- cause you need them to begin with...... And if your favorite retailer just happens to be Amazon-- I just so happen to conveniently have those links handy ;)

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#4 - BAD DAY (1 Dec 2013)


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