Saturday, November 23, 2013

Remy-- Katy Evans

Now, here's what we have all been waiting for-- a look into that sexy lion's mind!! We finally have it ladies- that's right, Remy is all about the man himself. We finally get to see it all from the beginning- from Remy's POV..... and what a POV it is!! 

We go toe-to-toe. I feint and Hammer swings, opening his side. So I jab his ribs, feel the satisfying punch race up my arm, and we bounce apart. Hammer is stupid in the head. He falls for all my feints and never covers right. I ram him hard enough to make him bounce on the ropes and drop to his knees. He shakes his head and hops to his feet after a moment. I love this. My heart pumps slowly. My every muscle knows where to move, what to do, where to send my power—right from my center, up my chest, shoulder, down the length of my arms, to the tips of my fucking knuckles that hit with the force of a charging bull.

I take him down, and then I do the same with the next foe. And the next.

A powerful energy takes over me as I fight, and I fight knowing that Brooke Dumas watches me. If there’s anything in my head other than winning, it’s that I want her to think inside that lovely round head of hers that she has never, ever, seen a man like me.

By the time the tenth guy falls, sweat coats my chest, and as the ringmaster raises my arm, I’m anxious to see the look in her eyes. I want to see that she liked it, that she—like everyone else in this room—thinks I’m the shit. Our eyes lock, my gut goes hard and twisted and wild with desire, and I smile at her as I try to catch my breath.

When the ringmaster releases my arm, I cross the ring, jump over the cord, and land in the aisle, watching her part her lips in shock as I come over.

People go crazy when I go outside the ring, and they’re losing their shit right now.

The whole room screams with their applause and cheers. And I know they all can see where my gaze rests and where I’m headed.

“Kiss his heart out, woman!”

“You don’t deserve him, you bitch!”

“You go, girl!”

I smile down at this woman who has stolen my thoughts, and as I wonder if she wants me to, she looks pleadingly up at me, almost begging me not to kiss her here. My blood simmers as I remember her lips on mine, but it won’t be happening again.

Not until you’re ready, Brooke Dumas.

I bend to her and scent her hair, whispering at her temple, “Sit tight. I’ll send someone over for you.”

I back off before I lose it, and climbing up into the ring, I steal one last look at her. My chest does all kinds of strange things when our eyes lock.

“Riptide, people!” the announcer screams.

The yells feed me. I suck them in with a smile, full of pride and satisfaction. I can see in every one of these people’s eyes that I’m the man. But I want to see it in her eyes. That. I’m. The Man.

The man who wants to be hers.



I absolutely loved how much Remy loves Brooke- basically from the second that he sees her- he knows that she is his. There is no doubt in his mind that this woman is what his life has been leading up to. All of the pain and suffering that he has endured throughout his life- it was all worth it so long as Brooke was the reward. And man, how Remy suffers...... I cannot imagine having to deal with that kind of a mental illness. Never knowing when it's going to strike, only knowing that you have to deal with it the best that you can when it does. That's what really makes him a fighter, not what he does in the ring, but what he does in his life. Because, throughout the entire book, it seems that Remy is always fighting- whether it be an actual flesh and bone opponent, his pathetic excuse for parents, Brooke and her random craziness, or just his own mind- the boy is ALWAYS fighting for something. And I have to say that I love that about him- the fact that he NEVER gives up. Even when Brooke left, and we all thought that would be the end of him, he didn't give up- he fought to get himself back on track, to get Nora back on track, and most importantly- to get himself back into Brooke's heart (where he actually never left).
And how powerful it was to see the time when Brooke left through Remy's eyes........ What heartache and despair- geez, I actually wanted to throttle Brooke at that moment!!! I had to remind myself that I knew they finally got their HEA, and that this was only a retelling of their story, but for a second there- I forgot all about that, and my heart broke just thinking that it could be their end. That's how great this story is- it made me totally forget what I already knew about them, because I fell head over heels all over again- just like reading it all for the first time. That's what makes Katy Evans a kick ass author folks, the fact that she can pull that kinda literary ninja magic on ya!!!!
Finally- Racer and their wedding, and seeing Remy's side. Holy shit, I don't think any more love could come from one person that it comes from Remy for Racer and Brooke. The fact that he truly adores Brooke that much more for giving him his son- total swoon!! And their wedding-- melt my heart!!! We all know that they did the quickie thing in Mine, but Remy wanted her to have the real thing too, so they decided to have a church wedding as well. We get to see it in Remy. I don't want to give any details away except to say that Remy made the absolute most perfect groom, down to the last detail- and I love him even more for it!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!!!
This is one book that any avid read should NOT pass up-- as it is amazing, and a true gem to experience. Another great facet to Remy and Brooke's story, and one that you do not want to miss out on- even if you think you know it already- you don't. You have to see Remy's side too- you may even like it more than Brooke's, because I am pretty sure that I just might........  ;)
5 lion hearted stars!!!!!!

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