Sunday, October 6, 2013

UnAttainable-- Madeline Sheehan

I swear, if I could climb up in that big ole brain of Madeline's and live out my days- I absolutely would! Why, you ask?? Just so that I could always be near the thoughts of the Hell's Horsemen, that's why damn it!! Say what you will about those boys, about how rough around the edges they are and all that shit, but damn- you just cannot beat 'em. They are hot, just so freaking hot. Each and every one- even Dirty, which based on past books- I didn't think would happen. But now that I know his story, he is one of the best of the bunch, for sure.
This is the story of not only Tegan and Cage, but also of Ellie and Dirty- so it's like you get two books in one! Now, we all have been waiting on Tegan and Cage's story for a long time, every since we realized that she was head over heels for that boy. So, this was probably the book in the series that I wanted the most- and getting Dirty and Ellie was just a nice little addition for me. Cage, self described man whore- has been the love of Tegan's life since she met him at the ripe old age of eight, and he nicknamed her Teacup- all the while sacrificing his macho image of eleven years, and sitting down to a tea party with her. She was hooked from that point on- and over the next few years, built up a close and tight bond with Cage that they both treasured. Then, one night when she was sixteen, Tegan took the ultimate chance, and offered up herself and her virginity to Cage- hoping that it would finally make him realize that he loved her too. Well, no such luck for Teacup- he was completely wasted and just used it as an opportunity for sex- leaving her bereft and alone the next morning after she confesses her feelings to him. At that moment, things change. Tegan decides she is done, not just done, but really DONE- with it all. She decides to leave the only life that she ever knew behind as soon as she is of age and able to get out- and turns her back on her "family" and everyone in the MC- especially Cage. He is almost dead to her, regardless of how much her heart breaks to even think of him. So, she takes off for college in Cali- and builds a new life, one far away from her past life and all of the memories that it holds. So, when her mother is shot in the head over club antics, she comes back with a vengeance. She brings with her all of the hurt and anger that she has bottled up and unleashes it on anyone associated with the Horsemen. Which, yeah, totally makes her look like a bitch- but come on, this chick has been through the wringer already. After her mom's recovery, she returns to Cali- and keeps on living her new life, all the while getting tied up with ZZ (yeah, remember him??)......... which makes for some understandable tension with herself and the MC. When she finally comes back again, I was so glad to see that she and Cage finally had it out, and that he finally laid claim to her- meaning he got his head out of his ass and realized that she was something important to him. So, when he declared to Cox that she was his-- yeah, big ole smile on this chick's face-- FINALLY!!! But of course, we know that Horsemen don't have peaches and cream stories, so that was by far the end- they had to go through a whole lot more shit to get to the end. So, when all of the stuff that happened, actually happened- I was completely blown away- I didn't even see any of that shit coming!! I was in total shock over what ZZ did (no, I am not telling)-- I mean I get the boy had issues with the West clan, but that shit was insane!! Then, to have to see Cage struggle with his internal demons too, it sucked- and it really made me want to grab Deuce by the balls, and rip them right the fuck off for the stupid shit that he pulled in keeping Tegan and Cage apart. I mean, really???? So, when he redeemed himself- it reminded me of why we all love Deuce to begin with.
Now, as for Dirty and Ellie- this one touched me even more than Cage and Teacup- mainly because of Dirty's story. My heart ripped to shreds for that boy, I mean big ole chunks just splintered away and died for him. Who does that to a little boy?? And then for it to stay with him for so long, and make him do the things he has done in his life- simply gut wrenching. So, for him to find Ellie, and to see how he wants to be a better man- just for her- yeah, that was awe inspiring. Never thought I could say that about an MC- but not everyone is Dirty. That boy is in a class by himself. The way that he protects Ellie, and the way that he loves her (even though he doesn't realize that's what it is), just turns your insides to mush. I mean, how could you not fall in love with him?? Not to mention, the fact that he changes his hygienic ways- well that just rocks!! I mean, I completely get why he lived the way he did for so long, trying to make his actual appearance disappear, but damn- to know what he looked like when he cleaned himself up..... total yum!! Makes you want to jump him even more! Lucky gal, that Ellie.
It really isn't right to say that all fours of these folks got their HEA here, even though they technically did- HEA just doesn't seem right when talking about the Hell's Horsemen. Their stories are never written with sunshine and roses, but grit and angst- so that when they get to the other side, it is that much sweeter. So, I guess I can say it like this- Cage and Tegan, as well as Dirty and Ellie, all got the same kinda ending that Deuce and Eva and Ripper and Danny got. So, if you wanna call it an HEA, then by all means do- but I just can't classify it the same as those other romance endings, because Madeline's MC is different. Their stories, are different. Probably why I love them so damn much- they are unlike any other- they are simply so fucking fabulous that they piss glitter, you know-- if bikers did that kinda shit........  ;)
5 well deserved stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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