Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Things I Do For You-- M. Malone

So, what do you do when you find yourself suddenly dumped by your fiance, which you never really loved to begin with, yet are desparate to have a baby?? Well, if you are Raina, you turn to your twin sister's fiance's brother, Nick- who just happens to be in love with you, and has been since the two of you had a one night stand several months prior...... Confused yet? Yeah, thought so. But stay with me, because this one really isn't all that bad. See Raina, a former model who has been diagnosed with endometriosis, is on a ticking time clock to have a baby- she longs to be a mother, more than she has ever wanted for anything. And, she thought that was going to happen when she married Steven, however, when he suddenly decides to reconcile with his ex-wife, her plans crumble right before her eyes. So, in steps Nick, who is the brother of her twin sister's soon to be husband, and the object of one lust filled rendevous from some nights back. Little does she know, Nick has fallen head over heels for her, and is willing to do whatever it takes to make her his- even offer her the one thing that she has always wanted- a baby. So, he does just that- offers to be the father of her child, only in order to do so- she must marry him first. Reluctantly, she agrees to do so, as she knows that he will be an excellent father, and she is so willing to do whatever it takes to have a child. Only, she can't help that she has feelings for Nick as well, and she worries that she is going to get her heart broken down the road. So, she decides to keep things completely professional on her end, regardless of how many times Nick declares his love for her, and does everything to show her how he feels. He immediately falls into the role of doting husband, and soon, even more of a doting soon to be father. Add to the mix that his family welcomes her with open arms, and she knows that her resolve is gone. She finally admits that she is just as in love with Nick as he is with her, and they are about to become parents to a beautiful baby.
Now, no love story is complete without some bumps in the road, and believe me when I say that Nick and Raina suffer their fair share, unfortuantely. But, this only serves to make them stronger, as well as strengthen their bond and their love. They finally do get their HEA, after some undue suffering on both their parts, and I could not have been happier.
While I would love to see more in the future as I felt that the story was unfinished, it was still very nice indeed.
4 stars

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