Monday, September 2, 2013

The Prelude-- KaSonndra Leigh

Okay, after I got into this one a bit, I was afraid that maybe I made a mistake and that it really wasn't something that I was going to be into. I, apparently, was wrong....... It really was pretty good. Maybe not something that I would read more than once, but all the same- glad that I read it. This one is about Erin and Alek. She, being an up and coming fashion designer in Italy and he, being the hot young Maestro of a ballet currently in production there as well. They meet as Alek hires Erin's design house to be the costume designers for the dancers of the ballet, which of course grants them the opportunity to work very closely and spend an exorbitant amount of time together. All leading to the steamy romance that we just know is going to happen based on all of the sexual tension that these two are throwing at each other!!
Now, seeing as how Alek has ties to the Russian mafia- you know their is going to be some suspense thrown into this romance as well. Drama makes it appearance too, as well- Alek's mama is just a plain ole bitch and I just want to punch her in the throat for the way that she treats Erin. But I LOVE that Alek puts her in her place and makes Erin feel cherished and like the most special girl in the world- I just swoon for him!! Throw in Erin's boss Rafe, and his love for Alek's sister, as well as the loyalty and love of Alek's best friend- this is just one awesome, albeit dysfunctional family!! The ending is going wish that your hubby took romance lessons from Alek too, lol. This one is pretty great and I gotta say- go pick it up lovelies!!
4 stars

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