Monday, September 2, 2013

Mine To Take-- Cynthia Eden

So, what does a gal do when she is faced with a psycho stalker?? Well, go find her first and only true love, even though she is still totally and utterly in love with him, and beg for his help of course!! And what happens when said true love is still hopelessly and utterly in love with her as well?? Well, you get an awesome book that's what! And this one is pretty good, I do have to say. It is more of a romance/suspense than just a romance.
See, we have Skye, a former prima ballerina who finds herself the target of some incredibly unwanted attention, which has escalated over the last few months. And to make matters worse- the cops aren't exactly helpful in their capacity, either that they don't have enough to go on or that they just don't believe her. So, without anywhere else to turn, she tracks down Trace- the boy she has loved since she was fifteen, and still loves with all her heart. Just so happens that Trace is the owner of a highly successful and sought after security firm, the best in the business and Skye's last chance to track down and put an end to the misery that her life has become. Luckily for her, Trace's sense of protection never dulled when it came to Skye, so he jumps at the chance to help her- all the while, being determined to work his way back into her life and heart (even though he never left), and stay there. So, they set off to find out who might be her stalker, following any crumb that they can- all leading them back to the one person that Skye would never suspect, but Trace always did. Which is probably why Trace is so kickass at his job, lol!!
This one has a lot of OMG moments, and lots of times I found myself gasping and thinking "Oh no!!!" as there are plenty of twists to it, but it is an all around great book and I do recommend it to you guys!!
4 stars

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