Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Last Chance Summer-- Hope Ramsay

So, while this one was a a short little novel, I actually did enjoy it. I really is a novella, strictly classified as romance, there is no erotica or any heat or steam in it at all. Not to say that anything is wrong with that- just if that's what you are looking for here, then, you are looking in the wrong place.
Amanda, a young widow and mother, is out for the town summer watermelon festival one day, when she comes across Grant- a radio announcer who is MC'ing the event. Of course, he is also quite gorgeous and single himself, and looking to find that special someone. Enter into the mix, the town busybody, who religiously makes love connections that always seem to be matches made in heaven. While interviewing her, Grant casually asks for her prediction for his own love life- to which she instructs him to visit the lost and found area after his broadcast, and he will meet his lady love. As Amanda hears this, she vows to be certain that she is as far from that place as she can be! Little does she know, fate has other plans in store for her. Between her elderly grandmother wandering off, and her young son then taking off to try and locate her, as well as his deceased father (as he is sure that since he is only lost and not dead, that lost and found is where he will find him)-- Amanda unknowingly finds herself in the last place that she expected to be, which is exactly where she is supposed to be. And there, she finally finds exactly what she has been missing in her life- Grant.
This really is such a sweet story, but definitely unfinished as far as I am concerned. There was a big opening for a future full length novel, as well as further story and character development, which I for one would like to see.
4 stars

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