Monday, September 2, 2013

Forever, Interrupted-- Taylor Jenkins Reid

Let me start by saying- grab some tissues!! This one is a heart breaker. But it is so touching at the same time. This is the story of Ben and Elsie, who meet one day by chance at a local pizza parlor while they are both picking up take out orders, and it is pretty much love at first sight for both. They quickly begin to date and start their lives together, all the while falling even more in love every day. It is such a sweet story, but oh so tragic. They get married, and after only nine days- Ben is tragically killed in a freak accident, leaving behind Elsie and a mother whom he never got to introduce her to. The story centers on Elsie and her mother in law getting to know each other, and become a part of each other's lives, while at the same time- both learning how to grieve the loss of Ben and try to move forward with their lives. We also get flashbacks in time, in order to get the full story of the history of how Ben and Elsie fell in love and shared their short time together, which also helps to show why Ben never got around to introducing Elsie to his mother. This is such a touching and beautiful story, and even though we lose the main male in the beginning, it is still very much a romance, as their love story still has its chance to play out for the readers. I recommend this one, as I thoroughly enjoyed it.
4 stars

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