Monday, September 2, 2013

Dear Rockstar-- Emme Rollins

Okay, so at first, I thought I was going to be second guessing my choice on this one- I was afraid it was one of those fangirl type books, you know, all young girl lusting after the rock star (my mind was having Justin Beiber-y nightmares)!!!! So glad it was NOT anything like that!! Yeah, our girl Sara is jonesing for an "old enough to be her dad" rocker, but it isn't all teenage dream and junk- the girl really does feel a deep sense of love for him. As crazy as it seems, she actually thinks that one day, they are going to meet and he is going to fall for her and they will have their HEA..... Like I said, yeah it sounds crazy. But, there is a reason that Sara has this fantasy- her life in reality- it is holy freaking awful. I mean, dark and abusive (in every way you can imagine), and she has no escape. Because, even though she is old enough to leave- she is terrified to leave her mother behind, for fear of what will become of her at the hands of her stepfather, who is a monster. This man, god- I wanted to vomit when I read the shit he did to Sara. A bullet to his brain is not even a harsh enough punishment for the things that this monster has done. There are just no words for that kind of evil.
So, into her life comes Dale- the younger, yet almost spitting image of her rocker crush, all wrapped up into a student at the same academy she attends. Oh, and better yet- he is a rocker too!! Soon enough, she lets down her guard and decides to take a chance on Dale- since he has already decided that she belongs to him, and will stop at nothing to see how much he loves her. I hated the fact that Sara's fantasy crush kept getting in the way of her real feelings and love for Dale- it's like she was blinded by the fantasy, when the reality was SO much better!! But I adore the fact that Dale was a constant in being sure that she knew he wasn't going anywhere, and that he would wait for her- but that he would not be second to a dream that he knew would never happen for her. As harsh as that seemed- it was exactly what she needed- she had to lose what was most important to her in order to see that it was all that really mattered.
There is a HUGE crazy twist to the story as well- which I kind of figured out early on, so I wasn't exactly surprised about it- but nevertheless, it was kind of insane. I love the fact that there was not a cliffy- god knows I HATE those!! And loved the HEA too!! So sweet!! This one is a definite must read!!!!
5 stars!!!!

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