Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Covet-- Tracy Garvis-Graves

Okay, so I really don't know how I feel about this one..... While I did enjoy the book I suppose, it was hard for me to get past the theme of it, which was a wife in some form at least, stepping out on her husband. Claire and Chris have been married for several years, and are parents, but are currently in a state of constant unhappiness and upheaval in their marriage. Chris is just coming off of several months of forced unemployment, which has caused severe depression on his part, and this has taken an extreme toll on their marriage. At this point, it seems as though they are just two ships passing in the night instead of spouses in love. They merely exist in the same home, much like platonic roomates. When Chris finally finds a new job, it requires constant travel on his part, which causes an even more more undue strain on their already tenuous relationship. While Claire insists that their marriage cannot handle that type of burden, she cannot ignore the fact that he must return to work, as they are beginning to finally suffer due to the loss of his income.
One day while coming home, she is pulled over for a routine traffic stop and meets Daniel, an incredibly handsome police officer who she is immediately attracted to, even though she feels guilty for being so. Soon, a budding friendship begins between the two, and they begin spending time together outside of a professional capacity. Professional capacity being that she is a graphic designer, and the police department hires her to do some updating to their logo and such. While she recognizes the fact that it isn't excatly right that she is spending time alone with a man other than her husband, she rationalizes it by telling herself that they are only friends. However, both she and Daniel are developing very strong romantic feelings for each other as the time passes, and before she knows it, she finds herself loving him as he does her....... The lines blur much too quickly before either of them can put a stop to it. Daniel simply wants what isn't his, and Claire wants what she isn't going to allow herself to have, as she fears walking away from her marriage.
I don't want to give away details of who ends up with whom, or if there is an HEA or not, because that is open to interpretation to all. Some may see the ending an happy, while others may not. I really am undecided on it to be perfectly honest. While the writing itself was great, I just didn't connect to this one- maybe because of the story line or the theme, I just don't know.
3.5 stars

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