Monday, September 2, 2013

Beats-- Kendall Grey

Well, once again, she has done it- not that I ever had any doubt..... Kendall Grey has again, blown me out of the freaking water with Beats!! I LOVED it so damn much!!!!!!! I cannot say enough about how much I love this series, after I read the first one, Strings, I was hooked- I knew this lady was my kindred spirit of sorts, and that I had to devour everything else that came from that naughty mind of hers. Now, if you have read Strings, which- there really should be no reason that you haven't because it is one of the best fucking things I have ever read, you need to know this- Beats is NOT another Strings. Jinx is NOT Letty. Now, that's not to say that it isn't hot as hell and just as risqué in some ways, but nothing like what we saw in Strings. Not that it is a negative in any way! I love that Jinx is the perfect calm to Letty's storm, and that we get a different side of the wild crazy rock star life and love other than that of Letty and Shades.
Who knew that Jinx was a hint of a wild sex pot wrapped under all that shy and quiet exterior?? Who knew how deep her love for Toombs ran and how far she was willing to go in order to be with him? And more importantly, who knew that Rax was all wrapped up in Jinx as well?? That was crazy! I hated the things that Rax did to Toombs and Jinx, and how he used Jinx's love for Toombs and Toombs' love for him as a weapon to get what he really wanted- Jinx. What a fucking asshole!! At the same time, I can see that he seems to only be doing it because he is so damn lonely- regardless of the hordes of groupie ass that he pulls in- he is lonely and looking for that special love to have all his own. Even though he is too blind to see that Toombs does love him that deeply, he can't get over his selfish ways in order to see it, so yeah, he's a moron as well. Yet, I can't help but hold out the love for him- knowing that Kendall is one day gonna give him his HEA.
Now, onto Jinx and Toombs, because I have waited so long to see those two have their chance, and it was fucking beautiful!! I never imagined that Toombs loved Jinx so deeply and that he was so possessive of her, of his love for her, or that she was just as possessive of him. It rocked me to the core to see how much they were in love- it was so pure and true, regardless of all of the naughty bits and pieces that Rax was a part of. It really was always just Jinx and Toombs. And the fact that Toombs accepted Jinx's brother, Mikey- god, total swoon for that tatted up rock star, not that I wasn't head over heels for him already. Again, so damn beautiful. He was so supportive of her- he never let her give up on herself, always being there to offer himself as her muse and inspiration. He refused to let her believe that she wasn't good enough or that she didn't have what it takes, because he knew that she was phenomenal, he just had to make her see it. I love that about Toombs, among so many other things. I thought that Shades was my man, but I am afraid that Toombs is pushing him over and taking that top spot after reading Beats. Makes me worry about what I will feel for Rax when his book comes out!! Oh no!! Lol.
Bottom line, you gotta get Beats- you won't regret a word of it. Just please keep in mind that it is NOT another Strings, this isn't Letty and Shades- this is Jinx and Toombs. And it is totally fucking awesome, but for a whole different reason. So, stop stalling and get your ass to one-clicking and pick it up lovelies!!
5 phenomenal stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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