Monday, September 2, 2013

A Million Dirty Secrets-- C.L. Parker

I gotta say, I was kind of surprised by this one. It seemed kind of far fetched in a way to begin with- a chick auctioning herself off at a secret underground "gentlemen's club" to the highest bidder?? But, hey- you just never know. Anyway, I was also surprised to find that I enjoyed the book as well. Lanie, a young girl who is still a virgin, has decided to enter the auction in order to raise money for her mother to have a life saving transplant, which would not be possible without these particular funds. Enter Noah- a mega rich young bachelor, who comes to the auction looking for someone to fulfill his desires, without getting close to his heart, as he has been severely burned in the past. Once, Noah claims his victory, he sets about claiming Lanie- who is quite enthusiastic, if highly inexperienced. She immediately decides to hate him, even though- the entire time, she is falling for him- quicker than she thought possible. At the same time, Noah has gone head over heels for Lanie, and it scares the living shit out of him. He knows that she is nothing like his ex, but he still can't forget the hurt from his past. So, we follow the story of them falling deeper in love with each other and just know that they are going to eventually get their HEA, when WHAM- big ole cliffy!! Lanie's best friend (and the one who arranged her to be in the auction in the first place), shows up to whisk her back to reality as her mother has taken a turn and needs her.
I hated that there was a cliffy in this one, because I desperately wanted to see the end- but I suppose I can wait for the follow-up, but since this one just came out on August 27- I may have quite a wait :(
5 stars!!

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