Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Strings-- Kendall Grey

Jesus H Christ, this chick is my kinda woman!!!! Lemme start by saying that if you are one of those meek and mild, head in the cloud, perfect fairy tale story readers-- this book just IS NOT for you!! This book is bold and brash, loud and proud, kinky and dirty, fucking hilarious and a little bit crazy too...... But hot damn, it was freaking wonderful. I actually read this one a few months ago, but am just now getting around to my review-- too many books going on at one time. But let me say, I am most definitely loving this author now and am so looking forward to her other shit.
Here we have Letty, a bad ass, true to her soul rock chick that grabs life by the short and curlies and does not let go- no matter what. And boy, is it one hell of a ride. See, she is the lead of a band- Cherry Buzz Float (yeah I totally love the name), along with Kate and Jinx (guitar and drums, respectively)-- and they are just trying to get their feet off the ground and get a tour going and all that shizz, since they are all the broke and struggling artist types. So, Letty goes to the bar on her birthday and meets up with Shades (Todd), looking for some good ole kink to take away her troubles on her special day, and geez oh man is he more than willing to accommodate her. I mean, this dude is dirty all the way to the core, he isn't afraid to try anything, and yeah I mean anything. Which totally fits in with Letty because this chick is cray cray in the sack and is not afraid to let everyone know it. How's that for some damn women's lib??? So after their so damn hot your skin will melt off of your body interlude- she leaves him the next day- thinking "damn, what a good fuck, but hey- see ya round".............. If only.
So, remember that whole tour she wants to get going?? Yeah, good ole Shades? See he's a rocker too- the new lead for Killer Dixon, arch nemesis, but fellow client to Cherry Buzz Float's manager... See where I'm going with this?? So, needless to say-- that so fucking hot that your skin sizzles and melts sex-- yeah, that shit continues--- a whole damn lot!!! Yum freaking tastic......... All I can say is that this is one of the most sexual books I have ever read, and I could not recommend it more highly even if I tried. 5 huge fucking shiny stars for this 'un.

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