Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hopeless-- Colleen Hoover

Well, this is actually the third Colleen novel for me, my first ones being the Slammed series, although I haven't read This Girl yet-- so don't ruin it for me if you have damn it. Anywho, I had heard that this series (this one and the companion, Losing Hope), were a little more edgy than Slammed, but I gotta say- not really. Yeah, the do deal with a much darker subject matter and all, but we still have that YA, not really quite delving into Cont. Romance kinda thing going on. We've got Sky and Dean, two high school seniors who happen to meet in a chance encounter one day at their local grocery store. And immediately, there are sparks- but not exactly for the reason that you would first think. They soon discover that they actually attend the same high school and a friendship quickly begins, which almost instantly turns into something more. I really feel like I am kind of cheating with the review for this and Losing Hope because I do not want to give any details of either story away, but it really is SO good, I just want everyone to experience those emotions themselves when they figure out what all is really going on.
I will say though, that it is wonderful to read about a love that is true and pure, the way these two love each other. Even though they are teens, they really seem to be old souls- that is how much you fall into their story- it is so believable, not teeny bopper at all. There is some heart break and gut wrenching as well, so it truly fits all those romance prerequisites, but it truly does have an HEA, and there is NO cliff at the end that you wanna fling yourself over!! Would have loved to see an epilogue to see what happens in the future though ;)
4 stars

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