Tuesday, June 11, 2013

White Trash Beautiful-- Teresa Mummert

So, I found this awesome little book on Netgalley (yet again, I am falling in love with this site, lol). And I must say, I really did love the story- however, I did hate how things were left unfinished. Not on a cliffhanger, and yeah I get it- there is another book coming out, but I just felt like things were left up in the air and shit. I don't like having that feeling. You all know that I hate a cliffhanger as much as I hate a frog (yes, they are my one deathly fear- they are predators that hop toward you and chase you down- neurotic I know- but hey, it's my fear), however, I would rather have a cliffhanger than have things just be left dangling. It just leaves that "yuck" feeling to the story for me.
That all being said- it really was a good book. Not really on the hot and steamy side- yeah there was some sex (one time and, whoa- life changer), but it wasn't rated R by any means. Even though these were twenty something peeps and it dealt with an adult subject matter (don't want to give stuff away)- I really felt more like I was reading a YA novel than a Contemporary Romance. But hey, no bigs. The two folks, Tucker and Cass (yeah- she is a chick), are pretty suited for each other, except for the fact that Cass is a complete and total freaking moron. I seriously wanted to slap the shit out of her!! Except that was kinda already going on and she still hadn't gotten smart about things, so I didn't think it would help. She really made me sick with the whole "Oh, I need to try and see if I can find the guy I fell in love with" bullshit (this refers to the asshole boyfriend- not Tucker- yeah I know, confusing as hell). I mean, here she is- a waitress in some small town diner, stuck in a shit hole life and out of the blue, in walks shit hot Tucker, offering her something more than she could have ever imagined and she continuously turns from it to try and save the two pieces of shit in her life!! Who does that?? And Tucker- give that boy a medal or something.... patience of a saint that one has!! Anyway, all in all- it was a beautiful story- full of love, and a hell of a lot of loss. Other than the ending- I loved it, even though it coulda been a little hotter ;)
4 stars for me.

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