Saturday, June 1, 2013

Twisted- Book 2 in the Torn Series-- K.A. Robinson

Finished Twisted last night, and just as referenced in my last blog-- the second half was that good!! A fantastic conclusion, as I am not aware that there will be another book at this point, to Chloe and Drake's story!! Love that they finally get their HEA, as they are truly one couple that deserve it. Such a powerful story about love and loss, both heartbreaking and joyful. This series is so close in comparison to Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster, which just so happen to be simply brilliant. I love the journey that we go through with both characters as they both struggle to overcome the demons from their past. That's right peeps, not just one, but both halves of this couple are messed up. That's what is so great about it- they both royally screw up and then have to remedy it- not just one or the other. There is no one sided blame here, they completely share it for all of the problems that they have. I do hate that both characters seemed to fall so easily back into old habits in this book, and no- I will not tell what they are, just to say that- Wow, are they really that stupid. Yep and even more yep. But, that is what makes their story worthwhile-- it is a hell of a bumpy ride back to paradise- but they withstand it and make it back in one piece!! This novel, like the first, receives 5 huge stars from me-- highly recommended to all!!!

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