Monday, June 17, 2013

Sweet Thing-- Renee Carlino

The title of this novel totally hits the nail on the head here, this really is such a sweet story of Mia and Will, two musicians who meet on a flight one day, on their way back to good ole New York. Mia, going to start her new life by taking over her recently deceased father's coffee shop, all the while trying to figure out what she wants and needs out of life. Will, just heading back home to his, and yes- this is how he describes it- "storage closet". While Will is an actual practicing musician, being in a band and just doing the "rock star" thing, Mia on the other hand, seems to be fighting her true self in order to pursue what she feels is a more logical purpose in life. Personally, I feel as though she wastes quite a bit of time on this endeavor, giving that she seems to be quite the talented musician on not one, but several instruments.
I simply love the banter and playfulness between Mia and Will, they are just so easy going- you just wonder why they don't get together so much sooner than they do. And I LOVE the fact that he calls her "Sugar"....... For some reason, that is just my all time favorite endearment. Too bad my hubby doesn't call me that!!! Anywho, this story is awesome, and does have the ever so important HEA, no cliffhanger here, even though I would like to see the story continue I think. 4 stars.

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