Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Driven-- K. Bromberg

Well, let's just add yet another book to the long list of ones that I have totally fallen in love with!! This novel, another by a previously unknown to me author- K. Bromberg, is most definitely a winner. It deals with Colton, a race car driver and international playboy type who unwillingly falls head over heels for a spunky, yet has a heart bigger than Texas social worker- Rylee. At first, I didn't know about it seeing as it was about a race car driver and all (nope, I am not a NASCAR fan), but luckily- it really didn't have much at all to do with his career. More so, it had to do with just how broken this man is himself, and how he has not dealt with his past at all, so it is still running most of his life. Mainly, you guessed it, his love life. He is widely known for having "arrangements" with various women, in which he only gives them a few nights a week of his time- solely for the purpose of their mutual pleasure and public exposure. However, he never thought he would fall so fast for Rylee, whom he um, encounters, at a charity date auction that he attends in place of his sick mother. Rylee, on the other hand, does all that she can to distance herself from Colton after their "unique" introduction, due to her truly heartbreaking past. And yeah people- I mean tears will flow when you read about what happened, and the fallout from it. This story does dabble a bit in BDSM, just like all the good ones seem to do nowadays, lol. But nothing to heavy. It does appear to be the first in a trilogy, which is fabulous- since we are left with the evil and highly dreaded------ CLIFFHANGER!!!!! I am sorry to all those authors out there that use this for effect or whatever, but I just hate it. If your book is truly good, then you shouldn't have to use a cliffhanger to lure readers back for seconds. If we love, we are coming back for more- trust us. Even though I hated the ending of this one, I do look forward to reading the next books to see how Colton and Rylee's story ends. 5 stars.

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  1. So, I have gone to K. Bromberg's own personal blog and discovered an entry from Colton's POV. OMG-- I totally fell in love with him all over again!! He is just wonderful, and I love that we are going to get some more of his POV in the second book- Fueled (which I CANNOT wait to read). I am almost eating my earlier words about the cliffhanger, given that I now see why it had to go how it had to go (again- no spoilers here). That being said, please oh please oh great author Bromberg-- don't make me salivate too long!! ;)