Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Beneath the Surface-- M.A. Stacie

Okay, I think I need a drink after this one!! I feel like my head is still spinning, from all of the emotional tornados that ran through this book. Crazy stuff..... First, let's talk about this hero that is so addicted to pain- Mr. Kyran Reese, and lemme just say- damn does he sound yum with his tatted up arms and such...... Okay, snapped outta that. So, this dude is a member of this underground boxing club called The Metro (remind us of good ole "Mad Dog" Maddox anyone???--- definite swoon!!!!), and when I say he is a member- I mean, he is the main man it seems. Like top opponent that you do not wanna fuck with. Of course, this is his "night job"- by day, he is CEO to some large family owned corporation, where he meets Dale (yeah- she is a chick), new assistant to his brother, Taylor. He falls for her right away, even though he is the silent and brooding type that doesn't do relationships and only the casual sex shit and all that. Plus, as far as he is concerned- office relationships are a big No Freaking Way, giving his brother's history with such...... however, he cannot get away from thinking about Dale day and night. So of course, he does what any pain freak would do, and immerses himself in inflicting it onto as many opponents as possible at Metro to try and get his mind off of her. Sucks for him, as her brother is a bartender there- anyway, long story short on that- his distraction for her literally gets him knocked on his ass. Hence kinda begins their thing. Now, when I say this book is hot- I mean it. There is sex, not the kind where it talks about them kissing and then skips all the good stuff and cuts to the end- nah, we get it all. Real good smexy shit. This goes on for quite a while, him refusing to label them as anything more than just sex, and her not being able to not fall for him. When in the mean time, he is doing the same thing, he just will not admit it. So, of course, there is love and heartbreak here too (no, you know I don't give out spoilers- except to say- it is good). I kinda feel like we had an up in the air ending, even though it isn't really a cliffhanger. I don't know if there are plans for another book yet or not- I honestly haven't checked. I would like to see if there is another further to their story, but if not- I think it ended okay. I would rate this one 4.5 stars.

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