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New Release & Review!!! His First-- Jenika Snow!!!

So, I do have to say that the title of this one is slightly misleading.... While there is definitely a virginal aspect to the story- Braxton isn't a virgin of sorts. Even though he's remained celibate since he realized that he had deeper than friendly feelings for Moira, he does have a past.
Moira, on the other hand, being a younger woman than Braxton, doesn't have the same experience under her belt. That said, it in NO way takes away from the beauty of this book. It does have a very slight taboo aspect to it, being that Braxton is the life long friend of Moira's father, but not so much that it's considered forbidden. 
Things start off pretty quick for these two, and progress even quicker, much like and Jenika Snow male- Braxton knows what he wants and sets about making it his. This could easily have been one of the Real Man books, it fit so well into that category, except with a small Daddy aspect thrown in.
There wasn't anything about His First that I didn't enjoy and give it a hearty 5 stars!!


I’ve known Braxton my whole life.

He’s older than me, but I’ve loved him since I knew what that meant.
And when I see him again after years of being apart, I don’t want to stop myself from telling him how I feel.

He might be my father’s good friend, and nearly two decades older than me, but he’s all I want.


I first realized I loved Moira when she was eighteen years old. Now two years later I’m back in her life and that affection has grown tenfold.

It’s smart to stay away, but I can’t. I won’t.

I’ve been celibate because I only want her. It’s time to man-up and tell Moira that she’s been mine for years, even if she didn’t know it.

Warning: This is an especially fast read, packed with steamy goodness, and a virginal heroine and celibate hero. It also has a healthy dose of sweetness thrown in. Get ready for a feel good story that’ll still make you blush.

  He was huge, and it was all for me. 

  He got off the bed and tore at his clothes in the same manner he had mine. And when he was just as naked as I was for him, I felt my pulse jackknife in my throat, in my pussy, and felt my body heat rise. 

   “Tell me what you what, what you want me to give to you.”
   “I want everything.” I was breathing so hard. “I want you to kiss me, touch me … make me come.” I was so nervous, embarrassed a little even for saying those words.
   I’d thought them plenty of times, wondered what it would feel like for Braxton to do those sexual things to me. But saying them out loud had my face heating. I’d never been so bold.
   He moved back onto the bed and cupped my cheek, looking into my eyes. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”
   God, his voice could make me come on its own.
   My throat felt so tight, like there was a lump in the center of it. “I want you to touch me, Braxton. I want you to be with me in all the ways that count.”
   “I want you to touch yourself for me. I want to watch as you spread those pretty pussy lips for me, to show me how pink you are on the inside.”
   He was breathing harder, faster. “Do it for me, baby girl. Show Daddy what he wants.”
   The way he called himself Daddy should have freaked me out a bit. But the fact was I got wetter, hotter.

Jenika Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author that lives in the northwest with her husband and their two daughters. Before she started writing full-time she worked as a nurse.

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