Thursday, January 29, 2015

Consume Me-- Ryan Michele!!!!!

That's it- Tug has done it. He has de-throned Cruz as my Ravage MC man. I didn't know if it could happen, but yes- yes it has. Talk about a swoon worthy male- you have it in Tug. Not only is he an MC badass, but he's also former military, and an alpha!! It's the holy trifecta!!! Honestly, poor ole Blaze never stood a chance at resisting him. But, don't we love that she tried to.
I loved Blaze!! She was the perfect brand of feisty for our MC boy- regardless of her profession, she wasn't a club mama- she was respectable. The girls at X envied her, while at the same time, learning to respect her. She reminds me so much of Harlow that way. A big ole boom in a tiny package. Enough to make some grown men quake in their boots. And, the fact that she made Tug stick it out in order to win her- loved that. She didn't just fall at his feet- he actually had to put in the work. Thank god he was a persistent man!!
Almost as much as I loved learning about Tug and Blaze- I adored getting more of Buzz and Breaker. Those two are a mystery in themselves, so I really hope that Ryan has big things planned for those boys. I need their stories- hint, hint woman!!
This was an easy one for me to give 5 stars to- much like the rest of the Ravage MC books. They are all pretty damn fab!!

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Ryan Michele

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