Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sale!! Sale!! Sale!! Tempting Tatum-- Kaylee Ryan!!!

So freaking excited to see this awesome book go on sale!! I loved it so much!!! I mean, hard. It was amazing. And, it's only 99 freaking pennies, babies. Get it now!!!!!

I mean, really, check out that cover------- isn't it hawt????

Oh, and did I mention that Blaise is, well no other way to put it, simply freaking scrumptious!! This man, oh god- he gives you all the tingles.......

See what I mean???

Just, don't even begin to hesistate- you will NOT be disappointed in this book- just trust me. Pick it up now, while the sale is still going on. And, hey even pick it after the sale is over- it's worth its full price for sure!!

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