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Temporary-- Kim Carmichael!!!

Content, consistent and calm described Ivan Harlow’s life to a tee. Satisfied with being a artist at the world-famous Permanent Tattoo, playing the role of eternal side-kick, and of course, hooking up with his best friend’s baby sister, his days are predictable and fun, and nothing has to change. With his live story permanently embedded in his skin, he still can’t help but feel anything he dares to love will only be temporary.

All Emily Elliott wants are some big changes in her life. She wants to make it big in the world makeup, needs to show her three big brothers she is all grown up, and dreams of truly being with Ivan, the man she has wanted since she was seven years old. 

However, when the fate of the tattoo shop is put into Ivan and Emily’s hands, they must not only work together outside of the bedroom, but face their own personal truths, and figure out what is permanent, what is temporary and where love fits.

Temporary is Book Two in the Indelibly Marked Series that revolves around the lives and loves of the Elliott Family and Permanent Tattoo. Each full-length book can be read as a stand-alone, and features its own couple.

Wow- this book is good!! I haven't had the pleasure of getting my hands on any of Kim's stuff before now- but that is definitely going to change. The girl is good......

Emily and Ivan- holy crow. Talk about angst and tension with these two. It comes in loads. Even though they have been in each other's lives FOREVER and have been having "extracirricular" activities for a while, there is still so much left unresolved between them. I mean the book starts by Em breaking up with Ivan for goodness sakes!! And it just goes from there.

They quickly learn that they have to put aside their personal drama to step up and be a team in order to keep Permanent (the family tat shop) up and running in the absence of Em's big bro and Ivan's best friend, Shane (as he is out on paternity leave, lol). They are quickly faced with a huge monkeywrench when the future of not only the shop, but the artist's reputation is threatened by an outside source. It forces them to do what's best for the shop and come together to solve the mystery of what happened.

All that time together finally pays off for them though, as they fight to stay in each other's lives, and push to have the future that they both want. Neither of them is willing to let the other go, even when they both know that there are times that they should. They just can't. It is such a show of the love that they have had for one another for years, even when neither would admit it to theirself.

This book definitely gets a high review from me- 4.5 stars!! It was awesome and I look forward to getting the rest of the Elliot clans stories too!!

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What inspired you to write the Indelibly Marked Series?  I loved the idea of the bad boy with a heart of gold.  I wanted someone who was off the beaten track and totally and completely Los Angeles. Shane was born because I love that look and that image.

Who is your favorite character to write?  Oh geez, thats like asking to choose a favorite child.  I have to say that while Shane will always hold a special place in my heart, the title of my favorite person to write has to go to his best friend, Ivan.  He is so damaged and so worried and just wants to do the right thing.  He’s so afraid of anything upsetting his little universe and I just could really identify with him.  

What is your attraction to Tattooed men?  It seems like men with tattoos are very deep, so deep that they need to put on their skin what maybe they can’t say in words.

What kind of research did you do for the series?  I visited a lot of shops in Hollywood, I interviewed tattoo artists from around the country, and I did an extensive interview with Dirk Vermin (Bad Ink). For some of the plot points in the second book I did consult with two dermatologists.

Are there going to be more books in this series?  There will be two more to round off the series. Carson, the quiet brother, and we will end with Dillon.

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