Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Reason to Breathe-- C.P. Smith

So, this is the first book that I had read by C.P. I freaking loved every second of it!!!!!!!! For someone that is a HUGE Kristen Ashley fangirl, this book was right up my alley- I literally felt that I was getting a tiny shot of KA goodness, without the KA. Does that make sense?? Not that I am trying to say that C.P. doesn't have her own writing style, or that she is a copy cat, by any means-- just that she is fabulous!! She had me in alpha male/ sassy heroine heaven with her story about Jack & Jen.

I love that, first of all, Jack is a Colorado mountain man, more specifically- a sheriff. Now, for the wife of a sheriff's deputy- this is the key to an EPIC book for me, lol. Add to that, the fact that he is fiercely protective of his woman, and a true alpha- oh yeah, that's just what mama likes!!

And Jen, lord Jen.

I can absolutely see so much of my own personality in her, down to that fiery spirit that draws Jack to her right away. I adore that she doesn't just sit back and become a spectator to the things happening in her life, but actually does something about it. She's a fighter- she fights for those she loves- even when she is fighting Jack- she does it with love. Speaking of fighting with Jack, she really makes him work for it, she isn't just some random bimbo that can't keep his interest. She intrigues him. She challenges him. And for that, he worships everything about her.

That babies, that is love.

This book really did have everything that you could want in a romance, as far as I'm concerned. Plenty of heat, and a little bit of suspense thrown in for good measure. Don't miss out on this one- trust me, you will not be disappointed.

5 stars!!!!


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