Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beautiful Broken Promises-- Kimberly Lauren

Lane, oh my, Lane Parker........ le sigh. And here I thought Kimberly could not make me want her boys any more than I already do. Nope, I was wrong. Finally, we get tortured soul Lane Parker's story, and we finally find out what made him the man that he is today.

While I won't be sharing details of the story, because-- hello plot twist :) --  I will say this......  IT WAS PHENOMENAL!!!!!! Not to be missed!!!! You will kick your own butt if you don't find out Lane's secrets. And yeah, there are more than one. Several. Gut wrenching ones that will make your heart bleed with pain and sympathy for this broken man. But, it's going to make you love him so much more!!

When we finally find out what happened in his past, see who he thinks is responsible, and see how that really turns out-- it is quite the story to say the least. Worth every minute I spent clutching my Kindle and silently begging it all to be okay.

And Reagan (yeah-- she's new to the gang, but I swear you are gonna love her) comes back into his life-- holy sparklers!! Love the instant chemistry and sexual tension there, but more than anything----- I LOVE that Lane finally finds his happiness. But above all else-- he finds his peace. That is what made my heart sigh.

And never fear, we get plenty of the gang that we all know and love, and loads of all their shennanigans too!! Because after all, aren't they the craziest family ever?

A huge 5 stars from me!! Loved it from beginning to end.



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