Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hard As You Can--- Laura Kaye

Cannot tell you how excited I was to be able to get my hands on this book!! This is the second in the fantastic Hard Ink series by Laura. The first, Hard As It Gets, was a fabulous 5 star read for me, and this one follows right along.

This is Shane and Crystal's story. We of course, met Shane in HAIG as he is Nick's best friend and long lost battle companion that stepped in and stepped up in order to help Nick save Becca and her brother Charlie. Crystal, we only briefly met, as she was working in the nightclub where Charlie's rescue occurred. Never did we realize that a chance meeting by these two would set off such a wonderful story and chain of events.

Shane..... what can you say?? The man is sexy and Southern. What more is there to love? And the fact that he so quickly imbeds himself in Crystal's business, when he really doesn't even know her at all-- total swoonworthy. And a true sign of a man. I fell even harder for him when I saw the way he was with Jenna (Crystal's epileptic sister). It melted my heart to see how caring and gentle he was in the face of such a scary episode, and how he didn't hesitate to step in and take control of the situation- all the while taking care of Jenna. Both of those girls hit the jackpot when they found Shane- he really was their knight in shining armor.

And Crystal, god how my heart hurt for her. The things that she had already been through and continued to go through on a daily basis- just so that she could keep her sister safe and healthy. Not alot of people can face all of that and not break. But Crystal does- time and time again. The hardest of those being with Bruno-- and let me tell you, he is someone that should hope he never met me in a dark alley. The things he does- they sickened me. I found myself wanting to rip out the pages of my book that he was in-- just so that I wouldn't have to see his name. That's how much I hated him.

That's how easily Laura was able to evoke that kind of emotion from her words. That is why I have loved both of these books, and why I will be glad to read and review the ones to come. And yes, I can imagine there are several more to come- the Hard Ink story is far from finished. These guys have more love and life to share with us, and I for one cannot wait to see it all unfold.

I just wonder who is next up to spill onto Laura's pages??

5 stars!!!!!!!!!!

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